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  • Check out the Talk of the SEO Kingdom 2020 - Top SEO Trends for 2020

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    In this era of digital prominence, online visibility is a crucial component to sustain a business brand in the long run. It is why more businesses are partaking in SEO to firm their grip on the existing market to ensure both visibility and profitability.


    Regardless, with the launch of Google’s new algorithms, generating organic traffic through existing SEO tools keeps getting more challenging. Therefore, to tackle the new set of challenges, website developers need to be aware of the latest SEO trends 2020 and formulate strategies accordingly.


    For instance, these following SEO trends are expected to dominate most of 2020:



    Expertise - Authoritativeness - Trustworthiness

    Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness or E-A-T is one of the emerging SEO trends 2020. To make the most of this new trend, website developers have to be equipped with the know-how of translating an accurate representation of the company on online platforms.


    Mobile SEO

    As per statistics put together in 2018, smartphones were found out responsible for generating 52.2% of online website traffic across the globe. Hence, it can be safely said that the Mobile SEO in 2020 is going to be one of the leading trends for sure.


    As a means to ensure a company is on top of the game, its website developer should make it a point to build an AMP version of their website.  Further, they should figure out the different ways of generating and sustaining organic traffic for the same.


    Brand building through link building

    The best way to polish a company’s brand name through SEO is by adopting a sound link building strategies. However, potential customers tend to show interest in a particular website’s content only if it establishes a connection.


    To facilitate both simultaneously, companies should use their social media accounts to amplify the reach of their content. If required, appoint an SEO content writing agency for avail tailor-made content that helps caters to the interest of both the company and its target.


    User-based optimisation and BERT

    BERT is a new inclusion to Google’s algorithm that ensures that the content users avail through search is accurate and relevant. It is also expected that this latest algorithm may render keyword research tools obsolete shortly. It makes it undoubtedly one of the most potent trends in SEO in 2020. Now website developers would have to put more time and energy into research for producing related VOS and other forms of content.

    UX & Technical SEO

    SEO Trends 2020 is all about strengthening the technical foundation and enhancing user experience or UX. Website developers, in association with SEO content writing services, should try to create content that evokes a sense of connectivity among the target and generates quality leads.


    They should focus more on enhancing the target’s experience on the SERP and landing page by paying particular care to the user-friendly and attractive interface and usage of quality content throughout. For example, they can include the use of info-graphics and accelerate the loading speed of webpages to enhance user’s experience on the landing page.


    By keeping up with these SEO Trends 2020, website developers would be able to build effective content marketing strategies that would help generate more organic traffic. Also, it would enhance its market presence and help build more trust.


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