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  • Coding Guide to HTML and CSS: Do You Need Software to Write It?

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    Have you thought about learning more about web development? No matter what occupation you are in, it can help to know about CSS and HTML. These are the two most common coding options for creating web pages. In fact, many people utilize both CSS and HTML. If you are curious about how to write HTML and CSS or what the two of these systems are, here is what you need to know.

    HTML Defined

    HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a standardized system that tells web browsers how to display multimedia and text on a website. Most major web browsers support HTML. In order to keep the markup separate from the HTML content, there are distinguishing HTML tags. The tags contain attributes and a piece of content. HTML elements have an opening, middle and closing tag. These attributes may add other pieces of information about an element.
    HTML is text-based. You can edit it in any text editor, just as long as you use the .HTML extension. You can open and write HTML on programs like Emacs, Notepad++ or Vi.

    Advantages of HTML

    When you use HTML, there are a lot of advantages. A few of these advantages include:
    * Easy to learn
    * Easy to integrate with other programming languages
    * Clean source code
    * Runs on every browser
    * Widely adopted with a lot of resources
    * Free to use
    There are a lot of advantages to HTML. If you want to create web pages or if you work in a business where it’s important to stay on top of the website, knowing HTML can help you.

    CSS Defined

    CSS is the acronym for Cascading Style Sheet. When formatting the layouts of web pages, these are the sheets used. You can use them to define table sizes, text styles and more. In the past, these elements were edited through HTML. Learning CSS is more simple for beginner developers. It allows web developers to keep their websites looking uniform.
    When you use HTML, you have to define each table and block of text. With CSS, you are able to use it on any page as long as it references the CSS file. You can change styles of several pages at once when you use CSS. The control you have when you use CSS is precise. If you want further control, you may want to consider Bulma CSS.


    Bulma CSS is a free framework that anyone can use an expand on. It is component rich, CSS only and easy to learn. When it comes to learning CSS, it’s best if you start simple. You can grow into more complicated coding as you learn more.
    Advantages of CSS

    If you decide to use CSS for web design, there are a lot of different benefits to it. Some of those benefits include:

    * Easy to maintain
    * Plenty of formatting option
    * Fast download times
    * Accessibility
    * Lightweight code
    * Consistent in design

    CSS is a straightforward coding. Once you understand the basis, it can be easy to expand on it and to create a more dynamic page.

    HTML and CSS Working Together

    While HTML creates web pages, it is limiting. You may not be able to create fully responsive components. When using HTML, you want to add text elements and structure those elements. You can combine HTML with JavaScript or CSS. CSS contains the colors, fonts and other elements. It is important that you can separate information about a page’s structure from the design of the web page.

    Where to Write CSS and HTML

    When it comes to writing CSS and HTML, you do not have to spend a lot of money on software. In fact, there are a lot of free options in terms of text editors that allow you to write HTML and CSS. All you need to develop your own web page and to write CSS or HTML is a text editor. The text editor allows you to markup and style content. Then, you can use a web browser to view the web page that you made. There is specific software that you can use to create web pages more efficiently. This type of software normally allows you to send the page straight to the internet.


    HTML and CSS have a reputation for being complicated to those who do not understand it. The truth is that if you have a foundation for HTML and CSS, it can be a lot easier. HTML and CSS are two necessary components of web design. If you want to develop effective web pages, then you will need to know how to write CSS and HTML. Fortunately, you can easily get your hands on the software.

    If you are ready to take the leap to learn how to write HTML and CSS, neither are hard to learn. While they may seem complex at first, once you have the basics, you can create dynamic web pages with both forms of coding.

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