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  • Difference between Bootstrap 3 & Bootstrap 4

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    As we know,  Currently, Bootstrap 4 alpha was released. So, In today blog, I am going to tell you major changes and differences between Bootstrap 3 & Bootstrap 4. Here are the following differences:- 

    S No. Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap 4
    1. It supports LESS as the CSS source file It supports SCSS as the CSS source file
    2. It uses px as primary CSS Unit It uses rem as primary CSS Unit
    3. It uses px as media Queries Unit It uses em as media Queries Unit
    4. It has 14px as global Font Size It has 16px as global Font Size
    5. It follows 4 tier grid system (xs, sm, md, lg) It follows 5 tier grid system (xs, sm, md, lg, xl)
    6. It uses col-*-offset-* classes to offset columns. For example: col-md-offset-4. It uses offset-*-* classes to offset columns. For example: offset-md-4.
    7. It uses .img-responsive class. It uses .img-fluid class.
    8. The helper class such as .pull-right.pull-left, and .center-block are used in bootstrap 3

    It uses .m-x-auto instead of .center-block to align block-level images. It can also use the various .pull-*-rightand .pull-*-left responsive helper classes, as well as the .text-*-left.text-*-center, and .text-*-righthelper classes on the image's parent. Also, use the various .pull-*-none classes to disable floating.

    9. The .jumbotron-fluid class is not required on full-width jumbotrons. Introduced the .jumbotron-fluid class for full-width jumbotrons.
    10. It uses panels, wells and thumbnails. It has introduced  Cards and replace functionality provided by panels, wells, and thumbnails.
    11. Tags" are called "Labels" in Bootstrap 3 i.e. they use the .label class

    In this the .tag class was introduced & replace the .label class.

    12. It uses .previous and .next for aligning pagers. Here, Pagers have been dropped.


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