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  • Content Marketing for Educational Websites in 2018: Trends and Tools for Success

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    Educational websites have become very popular these days. This growth has been observed due to the rapid development of the internet which help individuals access information easily.


    A lot of educational websites have been established already and some of them, such as TED, have amassed a great following. Many popular universities such as Yale and Harvard have an online extension as well.



    So, how did the websites stated above get so popular? Well, the answer lies in the content they provide to their audiences. Content marketing has been used in order to improve the performance of various kinds of websites. This means it can also be used to improve your educational website.


    Before we can look at some of the content marketing trends, you have to have an idea of what content marketing really is. Put into simple terms, content marketing refers to the use of videos, social media and blogs to make a brand more popular and successfully stimulate interest in someone who sees them. This will cause the viewer to make contact with you and pay for your services.

    Content Marketing in 2018

    Marketing strategies usually change with time. The fact is there will always be something new and simpler that will get the attention of customers. The only way you can expand your educational website is to look for newer tricks and add them to your arsenal. Let’s us look at some of the best trends in 2018:

    1. Video

    Videos have been used for a very long time to promote brands by getting people to act on what they see. Many experts expected video content to be very popular in 2017, but its popularity did not stop there.


    Video creating software has also become cheaper than it used to be. This will enable more business to capture amazing HD videos and place them on their websites. So, how can this trend be implemented on an educational website?


    Many educational websites such as have used videos to attract more individuals to their website.

    2. Social Media



    More than a third of the world’s population will be able to access social media by 2021. A statistic like this is great news to anyone who owns an online business.


    With more individuals online, the chances of turning some heads your way are pretty high. Having a social media presence will help increase the possible traffic on your website.


    3. Interesting content

    When you look at any website the first impression is usually the most important. For educational websites, having video content can be very beneficial and fun, but not all users will see the videos.


    This is where you have to think about great typed content as delivered by content creators like Eduzaurus and other impressive agencies that can make sure your content is flawless. Remember that you are trying to keep your reader online so make it an interesting read.


    4. Providing audience with the personalized experience

    Offering personalized experience to your customers can help build trust for your brand. Furthermore, you will be able to get a bigger audience out of recommendation. For example, you can address your customers by their first name if they sign up for your educational services.


    Apart from this, you can also provide them with the content they are most interested in. By doing all of this, your customers will feel special and won’t hesitate to buy more goods or services from you.


    5. Overcoming language barriers

    We live in a world that is well connected. This has enabled many companies to expand exponentially due to the involvement of the global community. However, not all countries have the same language, and this might be a problem for your educational website.


    The chances of getting a bigger audience to your website are higher when you offer the option to view your content in multiple languages. It will definitely be beneficial for you to add this component to the design of your website.


    Many websites already have this implemented during the design stages, but you can also modify your web design if you have not yet equipped it with a tool.



    Content marketing will continue to change as technology develops. This means that website owners will have to stay abreast of any changes that might make the websites more appealing to their audiences.


    As we have looked at some of the best practices in content marketing for educational websites, you can see the numerous number of possible trends. It will take a while to go through such a list. To make thing shorter, we have looked at some of the best trends that also have the highest chance of surviving in the future of content marketing.

    Content Marketing for Educational Websites in 2018: Trends and Tools for Success

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