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  • Cybercrime in Sports and How to Defend Yourself

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    When discussing cybercrime in sports and the defensive measures it is better to start with basic information about cybercrime. What is cybercrime? The increasing numbers of people using devices connected to internet during last few years has increased the risk of malicious digital attacks more than ever. It is the crime that is linked with various aspects of cyber world or computer but it is not easy to define it straightforward.


    Symantec Issues New Coupons To Fight Cybercrime


    Symantec Inc. has started a campaign against scam and fraud in sports games. With their recent Symantec coupons, the company is trying to motivate all computer and smartphone users to install a anti malware and anti spam software. Symantec discount codes give a 20% discount in Norton security products and can be found online. Coupon sites like Qetes and Groupon offer Symantec promo codes, as well.


    The Ever Rising Threats


    Some interesting facts provided here can help you to understand this concept more precisely. Some facts:

    • Illegal trafficking of drugs has become outdated in cybercrime these days as criminals are making good money from it.
    • Cyber criminals are stealing identity of anyone connected online in every 3 seconds
    • Your internet connected PC can be hacked in less than 4 minutes if you have not used a quality security package to protect it.
    • Cyber criminals use different methods to commit cybercrimes depending upon their goal and skill level.


    Some of the different cyber crimes

    • Theft of personal information
    • Infringement of copyright
    • Pornography of children
    • Frauds and stalking through internet


    In this way, computer hackers attack their targets in different ways. The increasing use of safety measures to protect electronic devices from cyber crime has encouraged criminals to use different types of unique methods. 


    Categories Of Cybercrime


    Cybercrimes have been divided into two categories: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 cybercrimes include the viruses like Trojan Horse etc. downloaded by the users unknowingly by installing a keystroke logger used by hackers. Keysroke loggers are used to steal personal data including email and internet banking passwords etc. Type 2 cybercrime includes a bit serious type of crimes like cyber harassment, cyber stalking, blackmail, extortion, attacking children, manipulation of stock market, terrorist activities and corporate espionage. Sports related cybercrimes also come in this category. 


    Cybercrime In Sports


    Most of the major events of sports are also being targeted by cybercriminals and terrorists. Though such crimes may not be risky for someone’s life but still they have risk of financial losses, theft of identity and damage to reputation. These national and international events provide perfect opportunity for the cyber criminals due to the presence of spectators, fans, government and private agencies in large numbers. They take advantage of latest techniques and excitement of the fans to commit such crimes.


    Some Of The Cybercrimes In Sports Events


    • In 2008 Beijing Olympics, a fake Beijing Olympics website defrauded hundreds of people to lose large amounts of money by posing as a ticket seller. 
    • In 2010 FIFA world cup, sporting events were spammed by attackers by emailing Final Draw of fake contests with a prize money of $550,000 to lure people to get their personal information for transferring funds.
    • In London 2012 Olympic Games a similar spam attack to 2010 FIFA world cup came to notice. The attackers emailed the users about winning the contest of lottery related to the Olympic event to get their personal details to transfer prize money in their accounts.
    • In World Cup 2014 Brazil a phishing attack was done on banking units by using as adware in one of the most popular football tournaments. The attackers tricked the fans and others through a phishing site to compel them to expose their personal and financial information. 
    • Attackers normally use sports gear and toothbrush with embedded sensors to increase security risk in sports events. Some of the researchers have also shown possibility of hacking medical as well as electronic devices. The connectivity of billions of objects also increases the risk of hacking.


    How To Defend Yourself From Cyber Crime In Sports?


    Though various efforts are done to find a reliable way to protect your computer from cyber criminals, privately as well as on governmental level, but no perfect solution is available till date except of remaining alert to abnormal activities.


    Even the officials of US Cyber Security Department only warn about the hacking in some of the critical networks like power grids and pipelines etc. instead of taking some other solid step. In fact similar strategies are used for industrial surveillance which can reveal the working of the factory to its competitors. 


    Here’s what Norton software does:

    • It defends against viruses, ransomware, malware, spyware and other online threats
    • It provides advanced security to protect your financial and private information when you are online
    • It uses the largest network of global civilian intelligence to find out such threats at faster rate


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