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  • Multi Domain SSL Certificates - What, Why And The Best Ones for Web Security

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    Imagine your website to be your home. Now, would you leave it opened at all times exposed to burglary and privacy intrusion? You will keep it under lock and key at all times, right?


    If physical key safeguards your home from burglary and intrusion, an SSL certification safeguards your website from hacking and data intrusion.


    In other words, an SSL certificate is a security mechanism that encrypts the exchange of data between the server and the user’s browser thus preventing the possibility of hacking.


    There are several types of SSL certificates:

    • Single Domain Validation SSL certificate
    • Organization Validation SSL certificate
    • Extended Validation SSL certificate
    • Multi Domain SSL certificate
    • Wildcard SSL certificate


    Each type of SSL certificate has its own unique attributes. If your website is a small one that is growing and if you cannot afford a high-end SSL certificate like the EV SSL certificate then Single domain validation SSL certificate would be the right choice.


    But which to select as per website requirement is again a question. Let's see the difference between them.


    Single Domain SSL Certificate


    Just as the name sounds, a single domain SSL certificate is used to secure a single website. For example, if you are securing a domain “”, you will not be able to use the single domain SSL certificate to secure other websites or subdomains like,,, etc.


    Multi Domain (SAN) SSL Certificate


    Purchase individual certificates for each domain is difficult to manage and too expensive also. Here at we described single solutions called multi domain SSL certificate that can secure multiple websites under a single roof. A multi-Domain SSL certificate also referred to as 'Subject Alternative Name' SSL certificate can be used to secure multiple domains using the same certificate.


    Hence, if you are a blogger with several flourishing blogs, an Ecommerce website (which do need to secure different domains) or networking websites, the best option will be to go for a multi-domain SSL certificate because it comes with below advantages.


    Benefits of Multi Domain SSL Certificate


    Easy To Manage:

    Multi-domain SSL certificates save you from the trouble of having to buy and maintain multiple SSL certificates. There is no necessity to own and keep track of the expiry of several SSL certificates when one itself does the task of many.


    Since SAN (multi-domain) SSL certificates yield the security effectiveness of several certificates in one, it also proves to be greatly affordable.


    To issue Multi Domain SSL certificate, CA has to follow verification process like domain validation or organization extended validation which provides high-profile encryption and business credibility as required for enterprises.


    This certificate is compatible with all modern desktop, tablet and mobile browsers, so web users never facing warning issue due to low compatibility. It is also ideal for Microsoft exchange and office communications server.

    There are many different certificate authorities offers SAN SSL certificates for the security of your multiple websites, here at we are explained the best options to buy a multi domain SSL certificate.


    Top 5 Multi Domain SSL Certificate


    #1 Comodo Positive SSL Multi Domain

    Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain SSL certificate can be used to secure 100 multiple domains using a single certificate. It is easy and quick to install and also allows best-in-class security encryption.


    Features & Benefits include:

    • Security for up to 100 domain names
    • 256-Bit encryption
    • 99.99% web and mobile browser compatibility
    • Any number of reissues
    • Immediate issuance
    • 30-day refund policy
    • Comodo State Site Seal


    #2 Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL


    Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is one of the best choices to secure multiple websites and its unlimited sub-domains at an affordable price. For example, you can secure *, *, and *, it means your all domains and sub domains are secured with a single certificate.


    Features & Benefits include:

    • 256-bit encryption
    • 99.99% web and mobile browser compatibility
    • Domain validation
    • Unlimited reissuance
    • 30-day refund policy
    • Comodo State Site Seal


    #3 Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL


    The Comodo EV Multi Domain SSL certificate is a great way for business websites, eCommerce stores and any other business transacting online payments to instill trust in their customer minds. The Extended Validation certificate offers green address bar and the padlock symbol which have come to be recognized as symbol of web security. You can enable company name and green address bar on your multiple websites using a single certificate.


    Features & Benefits include:

    • 256-Bit encryption
    • Priority phone support
    • Facility to add additional domains
    • 3 default domains
    • Easily manageable


    #4 GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL (UCC)


    This high-performance SSL certificate enables users to secure up to 100 domains. What makes the GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL (Unified Communications Certificate) even apt for enterprises to secure Microsoft exchange and office communication Server. Moreover, GeoTrust is a subsidiary company of Symantec Website Security solutions which further enhances its reliability.


    Features & Benefits include:

    • Microsoft Exchange Server compatibility
    • Up to 100 additional Subject Alternative Names
    • True BusinessID Site Seal
    • 30-day refund policy


    #5 GeoTrust Multi-Domain EV SSL


    GeoTrust multi domain EV SSL certificate enables company name in the green address bar and padlock symbol for multiple websites that will encrypt all data sent and received across the Internet and encourage users to complete their online transactions safely. It will reduce your hassle from multiple certificate management and provide a dual resolution to enhance trust and security for multiple websites.


    Features & Benefits include:

    • Security up to 25 domains
    • 256-bit encryption
    • 1 - 10 days issuance span
    • 1 to 2 years validity
    • Trust seal




    SSL certificates have become an essential technology in the web communication world. Considering SSL as a priority, tech giants like WordPress, Google, Facebook and more have adopted as a security feature and it is evident that SSL certificates are a must-have for any website.


    When it comes to securing several business websites, Multi-domain SSL certificates take precedence since they are affordable and have improved encryption bit rate than single domain certificates.


    All said it is not going to be easy to pick a multi-domain SSL certificate, given that there are hundreds of options available in the market. Hopefully, the five best ones we have figured out will help you pick the best SSL certificate that will protect your website from all threats.

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