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  • Delegates in Unity

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    A delegate is a reference pointer to a method. When it is called, it gives notification to all methods that reference the delegate. It allows us to treat a method as a variable and pass method as a variable for a callback. The basic idea of a delegate is exactly the same as a subscription magazine. Anyone can subscribe to the services and they will receive the update at the right time automatically.


    TYPES of Delegate:

    1.Single Delegate:- It can reference to only single method at a time.

    2.Multicast Delegate:- It can store the reference of multiple methods at a time.


    SYNTAX :

    //Defining Delegates

    public delegate void OnMouseClickDelegte();

    public static OnMouseClickDelegte mouseClickDelegate;


    //Subscribing to a delegate

    // eg. of singlecast delegate

    mouseClickDelegate = myExampleMethod;

    //eg. of multicast delegate

    mouseClickDelegate += myExampleMethod;

    mouseClickDelegate +=myAnotherExampleMethod;


    //Calling delegates



    //UnSubscribing to delegates

    mouseClickDelegate -= myExampleMethod;

    mouseClickDelegate -=myAnotherExampleMethod;

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