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  • Difference between UI Testing,Usability testing And GUI Testing:

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    UI Testing:- UI Testing means (User Interface Testing). In UI testing tester basically check, how the application look & feel at the time of testing. In this time testing includes in application like- fonts, colors, images, buttons, layouts, forms, fields, labels, alignment.

    In other words, we can defined UI Testing is a testing where tester test the interface between the application and the end user. We can see how to test a simple form for UI Testing by this example:-

    Let suppose we have a form to test which contains text boxes, combo boxes, submit button, cancel button etc. Then following are the few scenarios which a tester can consider:-

    1- Check spellings for all the labels.

    2- Check Tab sequence is working properly in all the fields.

    3- Mandatory (*) symbol should display in all the mandatory fields.

    4- When click on submit button without entering any texts, it should display error message in mandatory fields.

    5- When Click on Cancel button it should display the previous or home page.

    6- Font size should be proper as per the requirement.

    7- Font style should be proper as per the requirement.

    8- Spaces between the texts and the fields should be proper.

    Usability testing:- Usability testing is non functional testing. Usability testing is a black box testing technique. Normally testers test in usability testing:-

    • How easy it is to use the application.

    • How easy it is to learn the application.

    • How convenient is the application to the end user.

    In other words, Normally testers test if the developed application is user friendly or not, user firendly means the application should be easy to understand and easy to access.

    GUI Testing:- GUI Testing is functional testing. In the GUI Testing generally testers tests the front end design. Testers check the application that the clients requirement is fulfill or not.

    In other words, by using GUI Testing testers verified to the design specifications as per client requirements like fonts,colors,links,icons font sizes, buttons etc.Testers keep in there mind look and feel of the application, in time of GUI testing.

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