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  • Digital Marketing: Growth Factors that Entrepreneurs Should Consider

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    As in a previous article, I have explained Digital Marketing and it's Role in Business Promotion.


    But there are many times when Internet marketer and entrepreneurs does mistakes and those mistakes should not be neglected the reason is because the success of internet or digital marketing is directly influenced by flaws and corrects actions, the one should correctly understand the marketing scenarios and many different factors which plays the vital role in success of digital marketing. Hence any marketer or entrepreneurs is susceptible to flaws, which could have adverse impact on the growth of the organisation and these are noted below.


    Understand Targeted Audience


    Many times while doing digital marketing the marketer forgets their targeted audience or we can say targeted market whereas it is one of the most important points that every entrepreneur should consider. One should properly understand their exact or targeted audience and their requirement Means before delivering your message you should understand what they are interested in. One should also think how to increase and what will be the factors to influence the customers or audience.

    Detailed information about your audience can only make your marketing efforts more pinpointed and accurate.




    Proper Planning

    “By Failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”

    - Benjiman Franklin -

    The above quote is very true and applied in real life at every stage, proper planning is key for success not only in Digital Marketing but for multiple occupations. Many peoples have achieved the heights of success because they analyse their goals, needs, plan and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal before and many of us fails because of not having clear planning and goals.


    Do not keep any unrealistic Expectations and Budgets

    Digital Marketing is like a marathon do not mistakenly consider it a 100 mts sprint, You can not achieve the goals just in one night. Your fewer campaigns can get swift results but SEO strategies took long duration (around 6 month to an year) then other digital marketing campaigns like pay per click and social media campaigns to show effective results but it benefits the business in long run.


    Also first you should plan your budget properly and should not spend money on those tools with whom you are not handy and you do not know whether they fits to your need or to your business besides this you should consider to hire growth hacker specialists which will help you to achieve your goals.


    Social Media Platforms


    If you want your product to get successful then it is important that it should be recognised by the relevant and targeted audiences of the product (i.e you can not sell the comb to a bald). Hence promoting your product regularly to those who are actually interested in such goods should be considered first so that the relevant audience get to know what you are providing.

    You can find that every brand and company have their presence over social media market like FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn etc.

    Therefore by Creating a social media presence you can convert followers into potential customers but first you have to raise your product reputation, procure, remembrance or recognition, exposure and popularity.


    Importance of Content


    Content plays an important role in Digital Marketing, it’s the skill of providing relevant information and using it as a resource which help in advertising and marketing. It is the rapid solution for successful digital marketing campaigns, you have to be focus on the market when you create content or article or video blogs,, means you have to find the relevant topics to prepare article or blog as per the targeted audiences along with marketing it through sharing on various social media platform and social media groups and Doing BookMarking, hences posting relevant content is essential, as if you are missing the relevancy insightness your results will be measurable it doesn't matters whether you do posting all day.


    Hence the phrase “Content is King” is best fitted for Digital Marketing.

    For more please visit my previous blog Importance of blogging.


    Importance of Mobile


    Today, 80% of online users own a smartphone and traffic generation is more from smartphone internet services than desktop internet services. Entrepreneurs should not miss any opportunity to grab this audience, whether it is regarding database and generating revenue for the company. But if the implementation of a good business strategy is not accurate, the impact of the product would be of no relevance. Adopting good mobile strategy would be very fruitful in generating more business. These strategies may include defining goals and objectives, selecting the right mobile environment, integrating with your social media platforms and sending out timely alerts and notifications to your audiences such as coupons or discounts.


    It is always recommended to build an app and mobile site simultaneously. As both have different target users and performance ratios. The mobile site should make the information clearer to understand and that your app works properly. And last but most important is to prioritize your emails and alerts according to the geography of the user.Lest he becomes more interested towards the app, not feel annoyed.


    Do not Forget to Measure Results


    If you want some better results from social media then you have to measure & monitor your Social Media results. Keeping track of your Social media accounts means you should listen what people are saying about you in your field of interest. You should count & calculate those activities to succeed in your field. You can save this long hours of work if you find a right tool which meet your needs. Below are some of the categories of tools you can consider for tracking & measuring your social media accounts :-


    Non Specific Tools:-

    1.     – It will email you when your organizations name is online     mentioned.

    2.   - It can help you in understanding a particular blog audience &     can also monitor traffic to your site.




    Channel Specific Tools:-







    There are many other analyzing tools in the market but you have to choose the right ones which helps in your daily processes to get analyzed.  


    Quit Bad SEO Practice

    Beware of Black Hat SEO techniques, As these techniques are not allowed by search engines or we can say it’s against search engine rules and policies, it includes cheating or breaking the scatter machine, therefore it is also known as SEO Spamming.


    Following are some Black Hat SEO Techniques that you should beware of:

    • Keyword stuffing- including unnecessary keyword in any page of web.

    • Doorway and cloaked pages- These are those pages which redirects user to other pages by providing wrong information just to increase page visitors.

    • Use of hidden text with keywords and links by using HTML codes for the web page.


    Along with please do not consider such marketing agencies who push keyword stuffing, outbound link building, and use other seo bad methods due to which your site could be penalized. Rather of these you should be focusing on creating quality content and creating natural inbound and outbound links.

    Organic Search will definitely helps you to build a better ranking in search engines.


    Use both Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

    Technically you should first know the difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing for that you can visit this blog Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing: The Difference.

    The Digital refers to Online whereas Traditional refers to offline Digital marketing is extremely important but one should not forget to consider Traditional marketing





    * * * * * *

    Entrepreneurs can start a business from the scratch. Their brand value can witness skyrocketing rise at any point of time with the help of appropriate marketing campaigns. By understanding where to make initial efforts, entrepreneurs, and small-business owners can adopt digital marketing practices that will fuel their bottom lines for years to come.



    Digital Marketing: Growth Factors that Entrepreneurs Should Consider

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