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  • Do You Know 21% Population are Using Voice Search Every Week?

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    Me: “Ok, Google ! Which is the best restaurant to have barbecue chicken near me?”


    Google Assistant:

    “This is what I found…....”

    And the list is in front of you.


    The voice search has made our life luxurious, isn’t it? Yeah! That’s true and people are admitting it louder by their actions.




    The marketing strategy is enhancing. And it is a big time for marketers to accept such a challenge. The following trends of voice search have started taking over the industry. 


    Voice search is the upcoming challenge for online marketers. To engage audiences in just a flip of the second via voice search is not an easy task and we know how search engines work. Some of the common doubts which are popping up in digital marketers’ mind are:

    • What is exactly Voice Search Optimization?

    • Is it all about the new organic search?

    • How to optimize the Voice search?

    • What is the reason it is expanding so quick?

    • Is there any relevant proof or advantage of Voice Search Optimization?


    Every question from the point of online marketers is accurate. But, this is also a bitter truth that not today the world is 100% dependent on the voice search optimization. Also, we cannot deny the fact the evolution in voice search is the future.


    Come on! Let us get an outline of the evolution of Voice Search. Also in the upcoming content, we will discuss how the statistics are justifying the importance of Voice Search Optimization.

    Evolution Of Voice Search Technology



    Voice Search Optimization is smart technology to complete an organic search instead of typing on mobile phones or computers. The history of Voice recognition is a long story since it started in the 1960s. It was spotted actually by IBM through Shoebox engine and then slowly huge evolution took place. To get a pictorial overview of Voice Search evolution, click here.


    The major five technologies which came into the picture of Voice search are here:




    The first voice recognition feature was launched by Google in 2002. At the initial phase, it added commands for the languages such as American, British, & Indian English, Filipino, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and later it added Indian multi-languages like Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil… on.



    The first highly advanced speech recognition feature was launched and installed in iOS platform known as Siri. Siri is a modern virtual voice assistant and introduced on October 4, 2011, as a feature of iPhone 4S. Especially launched for the Apple devices. Smartphone users went extremely excited and then the stock of 4S became a trend just to experience Siri.


    Do you remember? Of course! Anyone will…




    When the brands were in trends of launching voice recognition software, it was quite impossible that Microsoft could stop itself. On April 4, 2014, Microsoft demonstrated its first speech recognition assistant on its device Windows and Windows Phone The name of the virtual assistant is called as Cortana. They proved Cortana to be a cross-platformed assistant.




    Amazon is the richest and biggest platform for eCommerce and shopping industry. Amazon launched its assistant in a voice search assistant in  November 2014. It is a virtual assistant and application for Android, iOS and IoT devices. It was also launched for the smart speakers launched by Amazon itself. Music and shopping lovers went crazy to buy after it performed excellently in the market.




    Later, Google launched its own speech recognition feature in Android phones and  launched on 18th May 2016. Previously, it was only used in the search engines, but after the launch of Google assistant, it could be seen in everyone’s hand. It offers a great functionality of two-way conversation too which users are loving a lot.


    So what do you think about the impact of voice search in the global market? After such an evolution it is not so surprising that almost every platform is witnessing about the customization of their applications by adding Speech recognition feature.


    Are you ready to match the trend of Voice search optimization? If yes, then let us dive into the statistics of speech recognition usage.


    What Percentage of Visitors Are Using Voice Search?

    Google search engine is known for the biggest platforms among all for both SEO and voice search optimization.


    A certain calculated study found that almost 21% of users prefer voice search over typing every week.


    Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google announced during the Google I/O keynote event-


    Over 20% of searches on the mobile app and android devices are completed by voice search. It means that people are genuinely comfortable with the voice assistant or AI tools.


    Social Media Today has also claimed that till 2020, the rate of voice search will increase up to 50% and now we all know why.


    Also, Slideshare revealed in one of the studies that 37% of the population is using Siri, 23% uses Microsoft’s Cortana AI, and last but not the least 19% uses Amazon’s Alexa AI for the voice search.


    These statistics of voice search made it crystal clear why the organic search is getting optimized at a fast pace.

    What are the Common Queries searched by Users?

    Most people do the voice search in their home, car or while walking. It has been observed that most of the searches are typically done to explore the local shops or store online.


    Also, some of the searches is done on google maps to search out the locations.


    This means that a small business needs to adopt the voice search optimization to build the online traffic. It will make you appear at the top of the stack of the list in the search engine when anyone will enquire by using voice search.


    Most of the business people get triggered by an interesting question. And the question is what is the future of voice search optimization?


    Here is the last part of the content presenting the future of voice search optimization.

    Exclaiming Future of Voice Search ...

    The future is very bright when we are talking about digital voice search. The reason behind the fantastic progress of voice search optimization is the smart search procedure in the shortest time with accurate result. It has made all the social media platforms such as Facebook,  Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, WhatsApp, etc. type free. And the smart engines are behaving according to the human queries.


    To take advantage of these trending things in voice search, avail the SEO services from a professional digital marketing company.

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