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  • Exploratory Testing

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    Exploratory Testing

    Whenever the requirements does not exists or requirements exists but not clear then we go for something called as exploratory testing.

    To perform exploratory testing we first explore the application i.e, use all the possible ways and understand the application and start preparing test documents and then we start testing the application.

    Generally, the concept of exploratory testing is followed by small organizations which can not afford high amount of money in preparing SRS(Software Requirement Specification) and CRS(Customer Requirement Specification) documents, so they take requirements from the customer and develop the application and give it to the test engineer for testing.

    Is Exploratory Testing a good or bad approach?

    A professional test engineer would never suggest to continue testing without the requirement but if a condition comes where one needs to start testing without requirements then we can go for exploratory testing.

    Advantage of exploratory testing

    1. If requirement is not there even though we can do testing.

    Disadvantage of exploratory testing

    1. Time consuming process.
    2. Bug can be misunderstood as functionality.
    3. Functionality can be misunderstood as bug

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