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  • Full List of Key Concepts of Unreal Engine 5 and Unity

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    Key concepts of Unreal Engine 5 and Unity :


    There are various important concepts associated with the Unreal Engine 5 and Unity which are extremely beneficial for a gaming app developer. We all should be aware of these key content so that during the development the end result app will come with zero error and flawless functionality. All the creative game app developers working in any of the unreal game development company or a unity game development company should know these concepts to become excel in unity and unreal game development industry. Below, I'm listing some key concepts which every developer should know:


    Game logic

    Unreal Engine 5

    Game logic is written using C++ or Blueprint Editor. C++ class and blueprint manipulates the objects. Object has only one class and blueprint is connected to this class.


    Game logic is written using Mono environment. Scripts manipulate the objects. An object has a lot of scripts or does not have any.



    Unreal Engine 5

    Z axis up.

    X – forwards, backwards
    Y – left, right
    Z – up, down


    Y axis up.

    X – left, right
    Y – up, down
    Z – forwards, backwards


    Scene Objects

    Unreal Engine 5

    Base scene object - Actor

    The base object that can be placed into the scene is know as actor. One Actor can has a lot of components of same type. Most of components support parent-child relation.



    Base scene object - GameObject


    GameObject is container for all other Components. Components are then added to the GameObject. GameObject has not same type of components (except scripts). Components do not support parent-child relation.


    Base Datatypes

    Unreal Engine 5
    int32, int24, int8int

    Hope it will help you.
    Thankyou !

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