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  • Get Display Banner Advertising Opportunity on FindNerd Platform

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    “Do you have a product or service that need exposure through online branding or advertising?”



    If yes, then we are right here to help you with our web display advertising banner opportunity on FindNerd. The web display advertising opportunity is very beneficial for your product or services because FindNerd community is one of the world’s growing and evolving platforms containing the cutting-edge technology content on web/mobile/software development, business startups, business intelligence, entrepreneurs, project management, cloud, data analytics, digital marketing etc. Our NerdDigest blog section showcases high quality, unique and trending content which also highlights fresh industry developments and best practices.


    Our platform provides superior exposure among the worldwide community of technocrats and professionals, looking to enhance their skills and business capabilities, thus, gaining visibility among the international technology community.   



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    Data Insights Justify Why You Should Advertise on FN

    • FindNerd Is a Growing Technology Platform
    • An Authorized App with Domain Authority 45+
    • Having More Than 1,20,000+ Monthly Pageview Globally
    • Serving Ads in 100+ Major Countries
    • We Render Ads on High Traffic Blog Pages

    Banner Display Advertising Campaign We Offer

    We offer banner advertising service on FindNerd platform to be displayed on high traffic blog pages. Creative web banner advertisements will give your company's products and services the exposure that you are looking for. The more your banner ad is visible, the more visitors will be directed towards your company product or service page on your website.


    Banner ads at FindNerd platform allow you to build brand awareness, promote white papers, capture targeted leads through special landing pages. These creative web banner ads will also encourage visitors to participate in various physical events and much more. FindNerd provides banner ad space on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis, however, the CTR (click through rate) may vary depending on the following factors:


    • Design of the banner
    • Brand awareness of the readership
    • Synchronization of banner content with the content published on FindNerd

    You Can BUY Banner Placements At


    • Top Position - Responsive Leaderboard
    • Right Sidebar - Medium Rectangle
    • Bottom Position - Responsive Leaderboard


    Possible creative web banner ad placements are shown in this banner template screenshot:

    Banner Ads Format We Support

    Banner ads campaign on FindNerd has a defined banner ads format which represents the banner dimension, type, and file size. These banner ads can be displayed at four different locations on a webpage including at the top, bottom, top right and below the most viewed blogs section on every blog page.


    Responsive Banner Ads Dimensions: All the responsive banner template format available on FindNerd can be classified into three different categories as shown in the below table along with the required dimensions in the pixel format:


    Type_A: Leaderboard

    Type_B: Medium Rectangle
    (For Desktop)

    Type_C: Leaderboard

    728 x 90 px (Desktop)

    468 × 60 px (Tablets)

    320 × 50 px (Mobile)

    234 × 60 px (Mobile)

    300 x 250 px

    728 x 90 px (Desktop)

    468 × 60 px (Tablets)

    320 × 50 px (Mobile)

    234 × 60 px (Mobile)


    Supported Website Banner Ads File Types


    The accepted file type for all the banner ads include:


    • .jpg images (Click through URL required)
    • .gif images (Click through URL required)
    • .png images (Click through URL required)
    • .swf images (Hard-Coded link not required, however a clickTAG is needed for Flash)


    Banner File Size & Animation: Review the below table for accepted banner file size, animation, and looping required for all types of website banners:


    Banner Dimensions

    Max File Size

    Max Animation

    Max Looping

    728x90, 468x60, 234x60

    40 KB

    15 Sec



    20 KB

    15 Sec



    40 KB

    15 Sec


    Banner Display Advertising Campaign Pricing


    Campaign Name

    Campaign Details

    Price in USD



    Website Banner


    Approx. 20,000 to 40,000 Ad. Impressions

    $25 (CPM)

    1 Month

    Approx. 40,000 to 60,000 Ad. Impressions

    $20 (CPM)

    1 Month

    Approx. 60,000 to 90,000 Ad. Impressions

    $15 (CPM)

    1 Month

    Approx. 90,000+ Ad. Impressions

    $10 (CPM)

    1 Month


    To Book Your Ad Slot, please email us at


    Find Us on Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter


    * CPM -> Cost per mille/Cost per thousand impressions.


    * Minimum purchase of 20,000 Ad impressions is mandatory.


    * Banner Campaign Duration - 1 month. We would be targeting to deliver assigned no. of impressions within 1 month. If undelivered within that period, we will continue to deliver impressions after 1 month till the final impression delivery.

    Get Display Banner Advertising Opportunity on FindNerd Platform

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