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  • How Do Funny Social Media Posts Drive Engagement?

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    Image Source: Pixabay


    Social media is an essential aspect of every company’s digital marketing strategy. Being funny has been a valuable skill since man could speak. When you combine the two, you can have great results. 


    Social media offers businesses an incredible platform to reach their target audiences. There are plenty of advertisements, but the ones that usually perform best and go viral are the funny ones. 


    You, too, can use social media posts to drive engagement with your audience on your social media pages and your site. How do funny social media posts drive engagement? 


    Let us find out.


    By Being Relatable

    The best way to connect with your audience is to produce content they can relate with. Therefore, when someone laughs at a funny social media post on your page, they relate to something in the post. 


    A humorous social media post is a way to instantly connect with your audience in a way they are very likely to respond. Relatability is very important to modern consumers who do not want to feel like they are enriching a large, faceless corporation. 


    Consumers who identify with your brand are much more likely to engage with you. It may start with a simple comment, but they will connect with you nonetheless. Moreover, if many people relate to it, you can get more followers as a community develops.


    Easy to Share

    There are many forms of content online, much of which is easy to share. Social media is a sharing platform, and the success of social media posts is how often the post is shared. Social media posts can drive engagement because they are so easy to share. 


    For example, if you can turn a photo into comic book art and add a funny caption, it can be effortless to share it and drive engagement. The best part is that you do not have to do any of the sharing. Your audience will do the sharing for you, and you will still gain the reach you want, which makes using funny posts on social media a high ROI marketing activity.


    They Are Memorable

    If you think about the most memorable marketing campaigns you have ever seen, it is probably because they were funny and you related to them. That is why most ads that air during the Superbowl are often funny commercials that cost millions of dollars. Anything that makes you laugh leaves an impression on you, and the more you laugh, the more of an impression it makes. 


    Therefore, social media posts can drive engagement because they are memorable. Every time your target audience sees it and laughs, they engage with your online community. Because of how easy it is to share images on social media, you are assured that your audience will grow and your funny posts will be memorable to more people.


    They Evoke Emotional Responses

    If you want someone to interact with you, the best way to do it is to elicit an emotional response from them. A funny social media post, whether a funny video or meme, can make people laugh until they cry. 


    Once they feel such strong emotions, your audience will likely engage with you. If it were informative and valuable content, it would still be interactive but might not stir any emotions in the audience. 


    Therefore, ensure that your social media posts are funny and emotionally stirring if you want to increase brand engagement with your audience.


    Funny social media posts are not a silver bullet that will solve all your problems. However, it is a powerful tool you can use to great advantage. 


    There are many reasons why funny social media posts drive engagement other than those outlined above. Find out how funny posts on social media can improve your digital marketing efforts.

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