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  • How To Draw Your Project Success With Time Tracking Tool

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    Time is Money, so why waste it. An ample amount of money can be earned in hours through various projects. Entrepreneurs invests a huge amount to get a project whose success depends when  client will get it on time that too with accuracy.


    But when the project is not delivered on time, it might be a big loss to company's reputation. The PM is being questioned in this case that was-


    • Delay is from clients end or from the teams end?

    • Team not attentive towards the project?

    • PM not aware about the guidelines of the project?

    • PM not keeping a bird watch on your team?

    • Team busy surfing Internet?


    These questions are being asked by the PM but, how to keep a bird watch on the team? A PM cannot always stand on the head of his team, he has to look for other projects as well. Here, Time Tracking Tool helps the PM keeping a watch on the activities of the team.

    Time Tracking Tools also includes:

    • Invoicing: Invoicing helps in converting the billable hours to an invoice for your clients.

    • Project and Client Management: It is suitable to assign the hours worked for a specific client or project along with accurate rates.

    • Desktop Monitoring: This helps in keeping track of applications used and site visited by an employee.


    It is necessary to track the records of an employee for the successful delivery of Project. Selecting a right Time Tracking Tool for a project makes the tracking time easy to maintain. It makes a timesheet for open sites and applications that helps in computing the working hours of an employee.


    Time tracking tool helps you with extensive reports both in the form of graphs and numbers. Time tracking is facile on Android & iOS devices and also for desktops.

    Key Features of Time Tracking Tool:

    • Time Tracking: Helps in knowing the progress in real-time. For projects based on hourly rates time tracking is necessary. It shows the complete record of an employee productivity.

    • Task Management: Manage your tasks, due dates, document upload, task status, notes and comments and daily reminders of pending or due work.

    • Reports: This keeps a record of your projects and tracks the time spent on project. It helps with real time graphing, billable and unbillable time and determines which project is consuming more time.

    • Project Management: Manages the entire report of ongoing projects by creating project estimates. Maintains a weekly report of how much work is being done on the project, time spent by the PM, reasons for delay in the project, hurdles faced by the team and increase & decrease the cost of budget as per the graphic presentations.

    It provides PM the authority to set up tasks and task related information that signifies if and when the task is completed or the amount of time it took. This helps in providing exact information to the PM and ensures the time entered by the team is worth the effort. A good time tracking tool works flawlessly through the progress cycle of any project.
    Opting Time tracking tool is a suitable fit for your organization, this shows the team that someone is there to observe their performance. Time Tracking Tool provides accurate reports and stats of an employee; this leads in the growth and development of both an employee and a company which helps in delivering a successful project.

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  • Thanks for the info! As a freelancer you need to make sure that you are managing your time and tasks well to ensure your productivity. Using web-based time tracking tools is an effective way to make sure that you are handling your time well. Websites like can help you find the best time tracking tool for your projects.
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