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  • How iBeacon Technology Can Light the World of iOS Developers?

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    Technology introduced by one of the most innovative and technology agencies of the world, Apple back in 2013, iBeacon grabbed attention of many tech enthusiasts. The company reports to be on the right track and going at the desired pace to make an impact on the market.


    iBeacon technology is an innovative approach by Apple to transform business operations and target desired set of audiences. Introduced with the release of iOS 7, the technology has managed to impress myriad businesses owners.


    How the Technology Works?

    The use of small connected devices is prominent here, which are named by the company as beacons. They are small devices powered by BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) that are capable of interacting with one another and iOS devices for transmitting information. They are easy to install and deploy by simply sticking them on walls or on any solid surface. With the help of Bluetooth, they can connect with smartphones to send across desired information as notifications.


    The use of beacons is preferred inside rather than outside as it does not rely on satellite connectivity. Whenever an iOS device senses a beacon nearby, it establishes a connection via Bluetooth that enables information transfer between the two devices. A beacon connection can help in pushing relevant information, whether it’s a promotional offer or a knowledgeable read to the user after detecting his/her location.


    iBeacon Applications

    Beacons can be put to use for a majority of tasks that can act as a catalyst to a growing business. iOS developers can consider myriad applications of this technology to empower their future projects. This can not only help business owners in excelling but also assist users with nearby undiscovered options. Following are some of the applications of iBeacon technology, which can transform the ordinary.


    1. Offline store deals and coupons

    Beacons can help connected users passing by with what’s hot and what’s not nearby. The deals and promotional offers of nearby offline stores can be pushed to user’s device helping him/her to take wise calls while shopping. Offline stores get a new medium to target new as well as old users.

    2. Museums and monuments

    The technology can do wonders on your visit to a popular monument or a museum. Guide tasks can be taken care of by the beacons, which can educate tourists with relevant details about the architecture, culture and history. It can certainly transform the way people visit heritage places in different countries of the world. In fact, the technology has the potential of completely replacing human guides in future.

    3. Art galleries and exhibitions

    It can be beneficial for visitors at exhibitions and art galleries as well. Useful information about the artist, painting or an artwork can be pushed to user’s device with the help of beacons. This will help the users in gaining knowledge about artists, their art and much more, which they might tend to search over the web later.

    4. Private clinics and healthcare centres

    Using iBeacon technology, people can easily locate nearby specialists with their opening and closing hours, available timeslots, waiting time and much more. A direction chart can also be forwarded to the user’s device for locating the place.

    5. Price comparison

    It can help users to compare prices of products available nearby. This will aid him/her to opt for a pocket-friendly option rather spending more for the same product or service. Visitors from abroad can make most of this feature as they are unaware of the exact pricing and values of the products available in the local market. This will help them in making wise decisions and can also save a lot of time, money and effort.


    There are several more ways this technology can prove useful for both, service providers as well as service seekers. The technology is still in the tender phase and requires more time to settle in the minds of business owners. Education about the technology is bleak now but not its applications. Once understood and adopted by professional service providers, it will do wonders.

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