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  • How to Avoid shadowban or Account suspension on Reddit

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    After the launch in 2005, Reddit became the most popular name to drive traffic to your website/ blog. Reddit is also known as “The Front page of  Internet”. Reddit has a vast 36+ million user accounts and 231 million monthly visitors and huge 8.19 billion page views. Reddit has around 8,53,824 subreddit .


    If you smartly use Reddit as a tool, your website can attract thousands of visitors, and in turn generate revenue for you.


    It is very easy to post your own website content on Reddit, but preventing your account from getting shadowbanned or facing account suspension is a tough task. Frequently posting many links from your own favorite website will guarantee your account suspension or shadowban from a specific subreddit or from whole website.


    Type of Bans on Reddit:


    1. Subreddit Ban:

    After a ban from a specific subreddit you are not able to post link or comment to that subreddit. You will receive a message from a moderator describing the reason(optional) and time limit of your ban.


    2. Subreddit AutoModerator Ban:

    An Auto moderator is a Bot which automatically removes your links or comments. The only difference is you can post your content but they are automatically removed from the subreddit.


    3. Shadowban:

    Its the hardest ban to detect. The worst part is you even are not aware of the fact that you are actually banned on Reddit. After getting shadowbanned on Reddit, your content is visible to you only, and not to any other user. Shadowban is a result of spam activities performed by a particular user.  A shadowban is tricky because it will look like as if all of your content is visible on the website, however other users will not see your content.

    Reddit shadowBan



    Source: marketersguidetoreddit

    I will discuss the methods of how to check Reddit account shadowban in my next blog.

    Now, we will discuss do's and don'ts to avoid shadowban for your precious source of traffic, i.e Reddit account.


    1. Verify your Reddit Account: When you create your reddit account, they make the email column an optional one. Do enter a proper/ working email id and after that verify it from preference tab of your account.

    2. No link submission for three days: Do not post any link for three days(Arguably). There is no rule for that, but it's only a suggestion meanwhile you can comment and vote.

    3. Don’t post too many links: I personally recommend you to not post your links directly and just share some good comments and vote on some diverse content (both upvote and downvote), then post a link.

    4. Never Spamm a Website: Make a 10:1 ratio: If you want to promote your website then you should post on other valuable websites as well. So, submit your link for one time and on other differnt quality websites nine time.

    5. Do not frequently submit link: Recommend only one good link per day and rest are comments, replies and upvotes/ Downvotes.

    6. Do not Upvote or comment on your submission from with a second account: To earn more Karma, many time a user upvotes their own content from their second account. Reddit does not allow this, and can make your account red flag.

    7. Begging for Upvotes: Don’t ask anybody to upvote your content. Let your content do that.

    8. Never post a link or comment that harasses any user: If you are harassing anyone, that will lead to strict action against you from admin himself. The action is taken according to anti-harassment policy of Reddit.

    9. Post a relevant submission or comment: The real power of subreddit is that it can only be extracted by submitting the related content to the subreddit.


    By using these untold rules and tips, you can definitely avoid account suspension or shadowban on Reddit. If you have any further query, do ask me on the same forum or tweet me on @iHarishPal.

    How to Avoid shadowban or Account suspension on Reddit

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