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  • How to Create a Group in Facebook Effectively

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    1. Are you thinking of creating an online community?

    2. Do you want a nice and related traffic for your post?

    3. Do you want to grow your business via group posting, where you don’t have to wait for your post approval?


    The answer of all the above three questions and the answer is, just create an effective Facebook group related to your company’s products or services. Across the globe, Facebook has 1.59 billion monthly active users. Of them, 1.04 billion people log-in to their facebook account daily. The most amazing fact is that five users make their profile on Facebook every second. There is no limit to how many members can join your Facebook group.



    I think the above stats encourage you enough to create an engaging, nice Facebook group.


    What is Facebook group?

    A Facebook group facilitates communication with other users on Facebook on a specific topic, irrespective of the fact they are your friends or not. For instance, we can create a group pertinent to college and can communicate with our college mates on the same Facebook group without adding them to our Facebook friend list. There are three type of Facebook groups:


    • Public Group

    • Closed Groups

    • Secret Groups


    Public Group:

    This is an open type of group anyone can join or be added or invited by any member of the group.

    Anyone can see the group, its member's and posts.

    In a public group, anyone can see a group’s name, group members, group description, group tags, content (news feed and post) of the group. Even Public group can be found via search.


    Closed Groups:

    This is the semi-private type of group where anyone can ask to join or be added or invited by a member. All the above privacy settings are the same except one - Only current members see stories about the groups like news feeds and content posted in the group.


    Secret Group:

    As the name suggests, it is the most private and high privacy group. Only members can find the group and see posts. Anyone can be a member of this group, but he/she first need to be added or invited by a member. Only the current member can see the stories about group and content posted on the particular group.

    Source: Facebook Help


    How to Create a Facebook Group


    There are some simple step to create a Facebook group:

     Create Facebookgroup


    • After that below pop-up will appear:

                               Create Facebookgroup



    • Denote a Group name according to your needs.

    • You can Invite your friends to join the group at the time of creation of group either by email or name.

    • Select the type of Group you need as explained above.

    • That's it, your group is created. 

    • Now you just need to make your group soothing to eye. Add group icon, Banner , Descriptions, Tags and other vital information.


    Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post on how to create a group on Facebook effectively. If you have any suggestion, tips etc, you are welcome to post into comments.
    For more blog posts, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, my handle is @iHarishPal.

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