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  • How to Identify which Areas Need A/B Testing in Your Website

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    Hello readers, today we will discuss about "Finding Different Areas of Your Site that Need A/B Testing".


    For anyone who is an online marketer jogging almost all your A/B testing on your homepage, you aren't losing out on a major opportunity. Don't get myself wrong. Running tests on your homepage is fine, but there are other areas of your site that likely need some optimization.


    Using the Launch Report to Identify Hurdles


    Every SaaS and online business website has {a set in place of steps that every visitor needs to go through before they purchase. Your typical SaaS launch may appear like this:


     Visited site
     Subscribed to a trial
     Activated/used product
     Credit cards billed


    Visitors may surf around after visiting the site (e. g., taking a look at pricing page, features webpage, about page, etc. ), but viewing those web pages is not necessary in order to complete register.


    There is a minor distinctness in E-commerce funnels which appears as mentioned below:


     Visited Website
     Viewed Product Range
     Product Added to the Basket
     Products Purchased 


    As soon as a market researcher views these eCommerce funnels, then they can evidently monitor and analyze the areas where site visitors are dropping off.


    Have a look at the Kissmetrics Funnel Report to identify the drop off visitors


    Image Courtesy:


    You can see two major drop-offs here. Only 33% of visitors who viewed products added a product into their cart. And, out of 25K users, only 13% purchased a product. These two areas must be an area of testing, so as to determine some paths to improve that 13% conversion rate.


    The twenty-five, 000 people who added a product to their cart demonstrate their willingness in the product, like the cost, and have indicated an aspiration to purchase. So, the next step is to put an extra research and analysis into the purchase process.


    Zoom in with Micro Funnels


    Right from adding a product to cart to purchasing included quite a few steps for many online business companies. Some ecommerce portals allow their visitors to purchase a product only after completing signUp process while other platforms allow visitors complete their purchase first and sign up is required. In the example shown above, out of the 25, 000 visitors who added an item to their cart, some of them already registered customers and some require a fresh sigh up. So, you need to give attention an extra attention on the new visitor checkout process. This process funnel looks at how new, non listed visitors move from Added Product to Cart to Purchased Product.



    Image Courtesy:


    This kind of micro funnel makes it clear that to blame is switching visitors from the basket page (Added Product to Cart) to Registered. Following visitors come to be Registered, about half of them proceed to Confirmation, and then those people purchase.


    We'll focus on the area that needs our attention the most. Each of our goal is to move more people from the cart page to Signed up. Before we get started assessment some variation pages, most of us need to gather reviews from people in this area of your site.


    Acquiring Feedback Before Testing


    You all need to jump into a lot of conclusions about why our new visitors no longer move to Registered. That they might not exactly be ready to buy, don't want to register, don't know transport costs, don't feel safe buying from us, are not aware the go back policy, have questions but no person is open to answer, and many others. To analyze this, the core targeting audience will be the people who have at least one product in their cart, and place it on every site.


    Now, let's move fast forward and get your feedback. Almost all reviews said, they can't say for sure the shipping and delivery costs nor want to register for a free account if shipping costs are irrational. Once you receive those feedbacks, you can create a variation cart webpage that includes a shipping and delivery calculator.


    Tracking the A/B Evaluation


    To track the evaluation of A/B testing of your website, you will need to design the new page and kick off it in a tool like Optimizely. With the A/B Testing Survey, you can separately create your test in an different A/B tests platform (like Optimizely) and track the results within unique reports. So the next step is to launch a new test and ensure that it has been running for a few weeks and then check the outcomes in the A/B Test Report.


    I hope it help you for you to analyze the areas where your website need A/B testing.


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