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  • Performance Testing- An Ultimate Guide for the Beginners

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    performance testing guide


    You may be familiar with the term “performance testing” and most of the people out there still wonder what are the aspects related to the overall performance of the software. Well, if you are one of those, this post would surely clear your uncertainties related to testing and need to check the overall performance testing. 


    This type of testing emphasizes the system for its peak performance and depicts the load capacity of software under critical circumstances. One needs to apply diverse tests to analyze the overall performance of a system that typically involves functional and non-functional testing.


    The latest automation testing techniques are precisely utilized to shun any glitches related to the overall performance of a system. Dive in here to know more about the traits associated with modern testing techniques.


    Stress and Load Testing - For Deep Analysis of Stability

    As the name implies, load testing checks the stability and overall performance of the system when the load is incremented. The entire system is monitored in a way that it depicts the response time when the user provides an input.


    There is no point you can rely on a system that crashes when the number of users increases. Thus; it is mandatory for a developer to consider the load related testing of the application before the final launch.


    This kind of testing is usually performed when you have to analyze the true potential of the software in extreme load conditions.


    On the other hand, stress testing is somehow similar to load testing but with slightly different parameters. This means the system is analyzed beyond normal working conditions and the peak performance is analyzed. It is necessarily important for the testing professional to evaluate the stability and the failure rate of the software to check the system stability.


    Endurance Testing- To check the Peak Hours of Stability

    One of the essential aspects related to performance testing is the endurance testing. It involves practices to check the peak hours of stability of a system along with the glitches that need to be eliminated at the earliest.


    Furthermore, this test gives adequate details regarding the system problems that shouldn’t be a part of the normal functioning. Thus; it is mandatory for an individual to precisely monitor the performance when it comes to delivering a reliable product to the client. One can be sure enough to rely on a product that has passed the endurance test with minimal breakage time.


    The Commonly Observed Performance Testing Glitches

    There could be a lot of issues that can affect the overall performance of your system and need to be shunned by a professional test case developer. These could be the speed related issues or the responsiveness related glitches.


    It is mandatory for the testing team to plan a strategy to implement a step-by-step testing procedure. This involves deep analysis of the application/software by utilizing different parameters and increasing the load.


    Here is the list of glitches that are mostly traced when a product is tested for its performance:


    Poor Response Time

    One of the major concerns that can’t be ignored is the response time. For all those who don’t know what response time is, it is the time that the application/software utilizes to respond to your request. The lesser the response time, the efficiency would be the software. It is thus mandatory for a test engineer to ensure that the application takes minimal time to respond to the user’s query. Apart from this, the response is measured by considering a number of factors in which time and load is given greater emphasis.


    Poor Stability

    Another concern is the stability of the application when running continuously for long hours. You just can’t rely on an application that crashes due to inadequate code or database linkage. It is thus mandatory for you to analyze the loopholes and rectify the same to ensure adequate stability.


    The stability issues could be caused by the poor load distribution or un-managed growth of data, which should be correlated accordingly. Once the application is stable enough to meet the expectations of the users, it can be deployed without any hassle.


    Why there is a need for Performance Testing

    If you are expecting your product to be a big hit in the market, you have to certainly pay close attention to the little issues that can affect the overall performance. It would be a great decision to rely on an automation testing platform that can precisely analyze the glitches in the software without squandering your precious time and efforts.


    Apart from this, the companies that manufacture high-end firmware also rely on testing professionals to highlight any issues from the development end and emphasize rectifying them.


    These were the aspects that depict everything you should know about performance testing.

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