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  • Web Security Testing- Aspects You Ought to Know

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    The modern epoch has significantly augmented our lifestyle but the fact that the security breach is still a major challenge of the system can’t be neglected!


    Whether it is phishing attacks or data theft, one cannot be sure enough about the loopholes that may lead to these severe situations. When it comes to the overall security of online platforms, it becomes quite challenging for the developers and security experts to manage the same.


    The precise testing of numerous online platforms and web applications is perhaps the essential component. It is mandatory for a development firm to consider adequate automation testing procedures to analyze the performance and security-related glitches.


    For all those seeking the right information about the aspects related to the web security testing, this post would surely help you in clearing your doubts. Dive in here to know more about these concepts that are associated with web security testing.


    The Approach

    One should be proficient enough in the HTTP protocols concepts, which is necessarily important when it comes to the web security testing. It is a myth that the testing of web applications can be done with only basic details about the concepts of SQL injections and XSS. One should be well-versed with the concepts and must possess enough knowledge regarding security defects.


    When it comes to performance and web security testing of a website or an application, one should always prepare a strategy to start the testing procedure. Some common flaws like password cracking, manipulation with the URL should be on the top of the list while preparing the methodology to test the web application.


    Once the entire approach is finalized, the testing professional needs to implement a test script that can test the application for the flaws related to performance as well as overall security. There is no point one can manually perform all the tests. There is always a need for an automation tool that can help you out in the overall analysis of the web application and to trace any security-related flaws.


    Security-Related Vulnerabilities that Needs to be Checked by the Tester

    There are a lot of possible ways by which your website’s overall security could be affected through unauthorized access. Here are the things that are on the top of the list when it comes to a security breach in a website.


    SQL Injection

    There are a lot of incidences where the hacker or any unauthorized professional inserts any of the SQL statements that eventually provide them an access to the user’s information. As per the security experts, the web applications and websites must be precisely monitored by a testing professional so as to ensure adequate security from the threats that can lead to a security breach.


    It is the initial responsibility of the developer and tester to check the database by inserting single queries containing the suspected quote. This would eventually help them out in checking the overall reliability of the application and analyzing the security-related loopholes.


    Password Hacking

    One of the common ways of stealing the personal details through a website is to hack the password of the users registered with that website. Lack of security on the website and improper testing through dedicated testing tools is perhaps the reason most of the password hacking incidents take place.


    Sometimes the hacker may also utilize tools that can crack the password or generate a one-time password to access the details. Thus; it is mandatory for the testing team to perform the necessary actions that can eventually help in enhancing the overall security of the website or the web app that contains the details of the users.


    Most of the e-commerce websites are secured with secure socket layer encryption that enhances the overall security of the user but some other important factors also play a significant role. You can expect complete security when your website is doubly secured with an SSL protocol as well as tested by utilizing all the possible scenarios.


    Why is it necessarily important for you to prefer Web Application Testing

    Most of the companies hire third-party website and web application testing firms that can assure quality services. While others hardly emphasize the fact that their company requires these automation based testing for their products. Well, if you are about to launch your website that deals with payment and other crucial information from the client’s end, you need to be sure enough that your website is adequately tested by the professionals.


    There is no point you can rely on just manual testing procedures that can only perform the limited tests, which aren’t adequate when it comes to deployment of the project. Thus; it is necessarily crucial for you to prefer hiring a third-party testing professional that can augment your business needs.


    These were some of the aspects associated with web security testing that everyone associated with the field should know.


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