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  • How to Write Well Researched Marketing Content for your Website

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    Consumers are smarter than ever and will not rely on half-baked marketing content. This is why business owners should not stop at mere delivery but strive for high-quality content. This applies to businesses of every economic sector, whether an entrepreneur operates their business in retail like Target, or specializes in credit repair services like Credit Sage. Entrepreneurs need to leverage the power of online marketing by creating high quality content relevant to their niche. This article will provide steps on how to write a good marketing content to achieve higher profitability.


    Who are the consumers today and what are they like?


    This is first and foremost the question that you have to ask yourself when working on your marketing content. Now, we all know that consumers today are smarter than ever. They no longer fall prey to spam and scams. In fact, they thoroughly research on the company before availing its products and services.


    And that is how it should be.


    The majority of the consumers always end up looking at company websites to learn more about their brand, products, and services. But they do not end there. They scour the Internet to make sure that they cover as much as possible from its social media accounts to fora and read on customer testimonials about the companies.


    This is how they know that the websites can be trusted. Without which, there is a fat chance of proceeding with the purchase.


    What is content marketing?


    Content marketing is how essential information about the company is translated to the public. Startups and businesses have to rely on good content marketing to get their brands out there. Because of its important role in the success of your business, you should ensure that you only put up high-quality content that will establish your brand’s credibility to the consumers.


    Content marketing covers both print and multimedia with the ultimate goal of attracting new customers and retaining old ones. Nowadays, small companies that are not able to afford other forms of advertisements rely on the use of social media for their content marketing. After all, it requires lesser time, effort, and money.


    Nevertheless, the quality of this content marketing should not be compromised. As already established, consumers are smarter than ever. You have to woo them and prove that your business is the best there is by providing them only the best content possible from the best writers.


    How to write a well-researched content marketing?


    Network within your inner circle: Startups and business do not just appear from nowhere. Owners usually start from networking within their inner circle whether that be family or friends. After all, you have to start somewhere and what better way to practice your pitch but with the people, you can still afford to make mistakes with. When the time is ripe and when you are already selling to strangers, you would have been a better salesperson than before. Widen your network by encouraging your family and friends to introduce your brand to their own set of friends.


    Write blogs that are interesting: This means that your content should be relevant to the majority of your followers. The tricky part is that you are going to have a bit of competition in terms of making your blog stand out among many other blogs that will discuss the same issue. The solution is to find an angle to focus on. Remember that an issue is composed of smaller issues. Find which one to highlight to make it different and unique from the rest. This way, the audience will find it more interesting than the other and will then most likely increase the traffic to your website.


    Post original photos instead of stock images: Your content should not consist solely of text. It has to be a mix of photos and text to attract more people to read on. When posting content, both photos and text, make sure that you post only authentic and original ones. After all, the purpose of content marketing is to establish your brand’s credibility. Remember that consumers are smarter nowadays and they will know whether your content is original.


    Encourage your customers to be more dynamic than passive: Do not establish a one-way relationship wherein you are practically just selling your products. You are not supposed to just sell your products to random customers but actually, establish a long-lasting professional relationship with them. It starts with engaging with them through various social media accounts where your customers can provide feedback to your products and services, and your business being able to respond to them accordingly.


    Share other articles to keep it fun: Your website and social media accounts do not have to be entirely your business. Posting about stuff other than your products and services is a fresh breath to your followers. Make it a habit of sharing posts that are similar and relevant to your business. These posts can either be informative or entertaining or even both. Either way, its purpose is to maintain your company’s presence to the public, retain present customers, and attract new ones.


    Post infographics and videos: Your content does not have to be as simple as posting a mix of photos and text. Consumers appreciate creativity because it gives them the impression that the company is consistently striving to cater to their needs. Posting infographics and videos are not only a way to entertain your followers but are also a way to provide them with more information. As an example, sharing a video of your processes can help them understand your products and services more. Remember that the more they know about them, the higher the probability of making a sale. 


    Provide an About section: When selling products and services, businesses often overlook the fact that they have to introduce the company first. When creating a website or a social media account for your company, always ensure that you spare a page where you get to introduce your brand including your contact details, vision and mission, and other necessary company information.


    Maximize all possible venues for content marketing: Most startups and businesses are not going to have enough money to pay for advertising and marketing. This is why the majority of the industry makes use of the Internet to get their brand out there. Why getting best websites for yourself are ideal, you can also utilize other online venues including the most popular ones such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can even go as far as linking your website and social media accounts to various fora to add traffic to your company sites.


    Offer discounts and special packages: There is no better way to attract consumers than selling products and services at a discount. You can play around it and make your old customers benefit from it as well by creating a graduating discount system where customers get higher discounts when they reach a certain number or amount of purchases.


    Make it easy: Not all consumers are tech savvy and somewhere out there someone is going to be hindered from purchasing because he is unable to navigate his way through your website. As a useful and profitable tip, make sure that your sites are user-friendly where a regular person will be able to browse through your products and services and buy them, as easily as possible.




    There are many advice and tips out there when it comes to creating good, high-quality content marketing. But if there is one thing that you have to know about it is that it does not happen overnight. Make sure to spare some time to plan your marketing strategy and do a lot of research before jumping into it.

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