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  • How to watermark image usimg Qimage component in cakephp

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    For watermarking image using Qimage component in cakephp first we have to  download Qimage plugin  after downloading Qimage plugin we have to put it into  App/Controller/Component .

    Then we have to do all this in our controller.

        class UploadsController extends AppController {    
            public function add(){
                 if ($this->request->is('post')) {
              if ($this->request->data['Upload']['photo']!='' && is_array($this->request->data['Upload']['photo'])) {
                    $imgData = array();
                    $imgData['file'] = $this->request->data['Upload']['photo'];
                    $imgData['path'] = WWW_ROOT . '' . '/images/'; // path where the image will we copied
                    $user_image = $this->Qimage->copy($imgData); //Qimage copy function
                      // Qimage watermark function,
    		'file' => $imgData['path'].$user_image,
                    'output' => WWW_ROOT. '/images/thumbnail/' 
                           // path where the image will we uploaded after getting watermark
                    $user_image = "";


    In above code firstly we are copying our image with the help of $this->Qimage->copy(); function  in our webroot/images folder after copying we are watermarking image with the help of $this->Qimage->watermark(); function and then storing it in webroot/images/thumbnail folder.

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