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  • Kaleo workflow in custom portlet

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    Liferay provide default workflow for inbuild portlets but we can use our custom portlets also. So, I here for you to implement workflow in our custom portlets and make assist of the activity.

    Add entity in portlet service.xml regarding your workflow portlet as shown :

    <entity name="XXWorkflow" local-service="true" remote-service="false">
            <!-- PK fields -->
            <column name="workflowId" type="long" primary="true" />
            <!-- Foreign key columns -->
            <column name="XXd" type="long" />
            <column name="companyId" type="long" />
            <column name="groupId" type="long" />
            <column name="userId" type="long"/>
            <!-- Workflow fields -->
            <!-- Resource -->
            <column name="resourcePrimKey" type="long"></column>
            <column name="title" type="String"></column>
            <column name="status" type="int"></column>
            <column name="statusByUserId" type="long"></column>
            <column name="statusByUserName" type="String"></column>
            <column name="statusDate" type="Date"></column>
            <!-- Finder methods -->
            <finder name="ResourcePrimKey" return-type="RfpWorkflow">
                <finder-column name="resourcePrimKey"></finder-column>
            <finder name="Status" return-type="Collection">
                <finder-column name="status"></finder-column>
            <finder name="R_S" return-type="RfpWorkflow">
                <finder-column name="resourcePrimKey"></finder-column>
                <finder-column name="status"></finder-column>
            <!-- end of workflow columns and finders -->
            <finder return-type="Collection" name="XXId">
                <finder-column name="XXId"></finder-column>
            <reference package-path="com.liferay.portal" entity="WorkflowInstanceLink"></reference>
            <reference package-path="com.liferay.portlet.asset" entity="AssetEntry"></reference>
            <reference package-path="" entity="SocialActivity"></reference>

    JSP file:-

    submit button action url = "processAction"

    Put below code in your controller

    public void processAction(ActionRequest request, ActionResponse response)
        throws Exception {
        //do your required stuff
    public void workflowInitiation(ActionRequest actionRequest,
                ActionResponse actionResponse,long XXId,String XXName) throws IOException, PortletException {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
            ThemeDisplay themeDisplay = (ThemeDisplay) actionRequest
                System.out.println("Title : " + XXName);
                XXWorkflowImpl xxWorkflow = new XXWorkflowImpl();
                ThemeDisplay themeDisplay1 = (ThemeDisplay) actionRequest.getAttribute(WebKeys.THEME_DISPLAY);
                ServiceContext serviceContext;
                try {
                    serviceContext = ServiceContextFactory.getInstance(XXPortlet.class.getName(), actionRequest);
                    XXWorkflowLocalServiceUtil.addXXWorkflow(XXWorkflow,serviceContext, themeDisplay1.getUserId());
                } catch (PortalException e) {               
                } catch (SystemException e) {               

    Create hanlder Class as below :

      public class XXWorkflowHandler extends BaseWorkflowHandler {
        public static final String CLASS_NAME = XXWorkflow.class.getName();
        public String getClassName() {
            return CLASS_NAME;
        public String getType(Locale locale) {
            return LanguageUtil.get(locale, "model.resource." + CLASS_NAME);
        public Object updateStatus(int status,Map<String, Serializable> workflowContext) throws PortalException,
                SystemException {
            long userId = GetterUtil.getLong((String) workflowContext.get(WorkflowConstants.CONTEXT_USER_ID));
            long resourcePrimKey = GetterUtil.getLong((String) workflowContext.get(WorkflowConstants.CONTEXT_ENTRY_CLASS_PK));
            ServiceContext serviceContext = (ServiceContext) workflowContext.get("serviceContext");
            return RfpWorkflowLocalServiceUtil.updateStatus(userId, resourcePrimKey,status, serviceContext);

    Add below tag in your liferay-portlet.xml after portlet-name


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