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  • Know From The Experts How Keywords Help In Link Building And High SEO

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    If you follow the modern concept of website design you will see that the focus now is more on using long tail keywords. Seeing this you may tend to think whether or not the keywords used in your site is appropriate enough to draw the desired organic traffic towards your site or is it time to change this into long tail ones.


    There is no doubt that long tail keywords will help a lot in increasing SEO traffic to any site. The resounding effect of it will in turn help you to increase the rate of conversion of the traffic to potential customers.


    If you are not familiar with these long tail keywords and wonder what are these specifically then in simple terms it can be put that these are just the same as any regular keywords that people use to search with. However, the only difference between a short and regular keyword and the long tail keywords in that these are more specific having more words in number.


    Typically, when you compare a long tail keyword with the more commonly used and popular smaller keywords you will see that the long tail keyword is more niche.


    Use of long tail keywords

    For a better SEO and increased traffic long tail keywords are extensively used now for a host of good reasons. A few of these reasons are:


    • These keywords are more specific. Any expert and reliable scholarship link building service will suggest that using these long tail keywords in your content will provide it with much clearer search intent.
    • These long tail keywords will not only get a greater SEO traffic but will also convert well. This means that you will have a better rate of conversion as well with a chance to make more sales and increase your business revenue.
    • Another upside of these long tail keywords is that when the users search for anything using these keywords, they will come to know what exactly you are offering to them and therefore will be more interested in buying your product or services.


    Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to work with the long tail keywords for your business site. Some of the other reason why you should prefer using long tail keywords over the most commonly used shorter ones are as follows:



    You will have to face less competition if you use long tail keyword phrases. This is because they are hard to find and do not have high search volume. This fact also makes it easier for the search engines to rank the long tail keywords in comparison to any common short keyword used for the same product. That means, when you use a long tail keyword you will have a better chance to hit the top spot in the search engine result page in a shorter span of time and get more traffic and conversion in turn.



    If collective traffic is what you want then there is nothing better and more effective than using long tail keywords. This is because there may be a large number of long tail keywords but these keywords actually do not result in a very large amount of SEO traffic on their own much unlike its popular counterparts. However, it is the ‘collective traffic’ factor is what makes these long tail keywords worth using and targeting your audience. It is found through different studies and researches that often when a site uses a group of long tail keywords it can easily bring in more SEO traffic as compared to any single high traffic keyword used in the same content.


    Targeted traffic:

    When you use the long tail keywords you will get even better targeted traffic which is the primary objective of marketing your business online. You will be able to reach out to the right audience with these keyword phrases. The main reason is that the long tail keywords are more descriptive. This gives the customers to find out the exact product or piece of information they are looking for. This will help you to target them even more easily.



    As mentioned earlier, increase in web traffic will result in more conversion possibilities of the visitors into potential customers. It is a known fact that almost all potential buyers always use specific words and terms for doing their homework through the search engines. This is much unlike the behavior pattern of the non-buyers or even the common users looking for general information who prefer using generic keywords over long tail ones. This means that people who visit your site using a long tail keyword phrase are more likely to be converted into your potential customers.


    Content optimization:

    Irrespective of how strange it may sound to you, using long tail keywords will facilitate in simple content optimization as compared to the broad keyword phrases. This is due to the fact that these long tail keywords are more specific and natural and therefore it is much easier to embed these in your content resulting in much more effective organic searches. The downside of using a broad keyword is that you may have to sue it repeated a ton of times throughout your entire content to get the desired result. This will make your entire content look unnatural. On the other hand, when you use the long tail keyword sparingly it will provide you with the same or even better results.


    Therefore, by using long tail keywords you will be able to make the people who go through your content feel that your content is the natural extension of your own ideas rather than words and phrases that are stuffed into the copy without any meaning or requirement.


    Most important benefit of using long tail keywords is that the search engines will like your content for using them and as a result will offer you high ranks. That in turn will provide better user experience and more organic SEO traffic to convert. Therefore, keyword research is important for overall digital marketing which is why many marketers consider it as the foundation of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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