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  • List of Most Popular Computer Programming Language in 2020.

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    The most important skill to learn in today’s world is to know about how to write a computer program. Today, computers are used in almost every industry. it is also used in an aircraft to perform an autopilot operation.


    The programming and developer communities are emerging rapidly.



    Python:- Python is fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy programming language and it is also an open-source programming language. It is used to develop an enterprise-level application and software. Pinterest, Survey Monkey, and Instagram are developed in Python.


    Advantage of Python:- 


    1. Open Source

    2. Secure

    3. Easy to learn

    4. Easy to use

    5. Rich library support.


                Credit:- DataFlair


    Java:- Java is an open-source language that is developed by SunMico and it is based on the object-oriented concept. Jave is the fourth generation language and used to a developed desktop application, mobile application, and web application.


    Advantage of Java:- 


    1. Java support garbage collection

    2. Java has a stack allocation system 

    3. It is an object-oriented language

    4. It is suitable for the development of distributed application


       Credit:- freelancermap

    C++:- CC++ is the mother of programming language. file systems, operating system are written C++. It is an open-source object-oriented computer programming language. It is widely used by programmers worldwide because it is fast and also use in-game development.


    Advantage of C++:-


    1. It is open source 

    2. Object-oriented language 

    3. Platform independent

    4. Easy to use 

    5. Easy to learn 

    6. Wide community support

    7. Faster Code of execution


               Credit:- DataFlair


    Java Script:- Generally Java Script is called front end Client-Side Scripting language. But in days it is also used in server-side development. Node Js Provide run time environment to java script for development of the server-side application. Java script used by most developers in world wide. It also supports a rich library feature.


    Advantage of Java Script:-


    1. The compilation is not required 

    2. It is used for the development of web applications

    3. Highly Scalable

    4. Reduce the website request to the server

    5. Secure

    6. Easy to learn

    7. Easy to use

    8. Platform independent


                Credit:- Quora


    Go Language:- Go language also known as Golang, It is developed by Google. Go provides rich support for multithreading so it is used by a lot of small companies. It also supports distributed application development.


    Read more about Programming language used in Google.


    Advantage of Golang:-


    1. Support by Google

    2. Syntex is easy to learn

    3. Rich Documentations

    4. Development of single page application

    5. Easy to use

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