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  • List of Top 4 Mobile Application Development Trends 2019

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    The mobile application development industry has been evolving ever since its beginning.


    And it has gone through constant evolution and a lot of advancements have happened which we could not even imagine a couple of years back!


    Moreover, the total number of smartphone users have touched the value of 2.5 billion in the year 2019.


    And the case with mobile applications is also not different. It is estimated that there are about 2.1 million Android apps and 2 million iOS based apps around. And that is the case in the beginning of the year 2018.


    These all statistics tells us that the mobile application trends will only be travelling in an upward slope, if its plotted in a graph! And yes, obviously the gadget enthusiasts and mobile application developers are eager to know about the trends to be followed in the year of 2019.


    Some of the exciting topics of the previous year (that is 2018), were Internet of Things (IoT), the iBeacon technology, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, etc. And we will be discussing about the further developments occured or occuring in the above said techniques.


    1. Internet of Things (IoT)



    Internet of Things has been around here for quite some time now. But it became a quite a buzz since 2018. Definitely it will be under the spotlight this year too, due to its immense scope and possibilities. Internet of Things has been found useful in various fields like healthcare, e-commerce, transportation, construction, etc.


    It is also believed that they could be made useful in the fields of real estate, retail sector, and in the development of smarter cities.


    Some other positive aspects of the IoT is expected to be in solving the traffic issues in the roads and the problems of vehicle parking.


    IoT has also proved to be useful for the educational institutions likes schools and colleges, because they enable the teachers, students and parents to stay connected through the use of tiny virtual devices. This helps to be aware of what’s happening around the campus all the time. Also, the parents can check how their wards are doing in the class and more!


    And now coming to the healthcare sector, it enable the doctors as well as the patients to get updated and well informed. So that the doctors can prescribe the treatments more precisely.


    Or in general IoT makes multiple fields to be automated! And this will definitely result in a quick and more efficient system.


    2. Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR)

    The technologies of AR and VR is not a strange concept for the upcoming generation, ever since the playstation and microsoft Xbox games were introduced based on AR and VR! Thus, these technologies have actually coined a new term called ‘Beyond the Screen’.


    The world famous game Pokemon Go is based on the technology of Augmented Reality.


    The Internet of Things has also been implemented in different social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. And this has made the applications more interactive as well as more attractive. An example of AR technology in the social media includes the usage of AR filters, which helps in converting the human faces into digital characters!


    It’s for sure that the global market of AR and VR will only shoot upwards. And the statistics shows that the market value will reach around 200 Billion Dollars by 2022 from 27 Billion Dollars in the year 2018!


    3. AI and Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning have been a successful mobile application development trend for a quite time now. Chatbots are one of the major examples for AI. While chatbots like Siri, is a combination of both artificial intelligence and machine learning.


    And in the year 2019, AI and machine learning will not be limited to just Chatbots and Siri. Many leading IT technology firms have already started to embrace these technologies to so that they can grow more profitably as well as decrease the related operational costs in various forms.


    Possible future trends of AI & ML that you may see:

    • AI automated DevOps through AIOps
    • AI-enabled chips
    • Automated machine learning
    • Interoperability among neural networks


    4. Blockchain - Beyond Bitcoin & Smart contracts


    Ever since its debut, blockchain development has been a trend in the IT sector. Experts in the field are in great demand!


    In the year 2018, the blockchain field mostly concentrated in creating cryptocurrencies and smart contract only! For example, with the usage of blockchain technology, it is possible to even develop decentralized mobile applications! Decentralized mobile applications or DApps are technically applications which are not owned by anyone. Also, it has no any downtime or its impossible to shut it down.


    Or, in other words, it is expected to contribute more to the mobile application development sector by converting the mobile apps itself to the decentralized format. This is what the Bitcoin blockchain did in the financial sector.


    Possible future trends Blockchain Technology:

    • Asset tokenization
    • BAAS (Blockchain-as-a-service)
    • Trading on cryptocurrencies’ exchange
    • Crypto space and gaming


    The trends in mobile app development have managed to captivate the users across the globe for the last 10 years.  And most of the digital enthusiasts are waiting out to see the enhancements that comes into the mobile application development field in the year 2019. 


    Let’s wait and watch!
    Planning to develop a top mobile application for your business in near future?


    Well, make a basic understanding before stepping into the project! 


    Or make use of the services of a leading mobile app development company!

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