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  • List of Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies Your Company Should Implement

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    Five Digital Marketing Strategies Your Company Should Implement


    The internet has absolutely transformed the world. People now have more information at their finger tips than has ever been stored in the largest libraries on Earth. All this data can be accessed at anytime form nearly anywhere. According to statistics, about 3.4 billion people now have access to the internet.


    Many industries have changed substantially due to the growing use of the internet. One of these is certainly marketing. Unless you want to be trapped in the distant past, you need to implement digital advertising strategies as part of your marketing campaigns. Below are five digital media marketing strategies you should consider.


    Search Engine Optimization


    From the available digital marketing strategies, one strategy that you should implement is search engine optimization or SEO for short. Search engines are still the primary way that internet users find information on the web. Google, the leader of internet search, processes about 63,000 searches per second.


    If you want to be found on the internet, you need to be found on Google. You also need to be found near the top of the first page of Google search engine results. SEO is a set of strategies that can optimize your website, social media pages or other elements of your online presence so they can be easily found by search engine users.


    Search Localization


    However, simply relying on a generic SEO strategy may not be enough for many companies. If you have brick and mortar locations or have discovered through the use of a market research platform that most of your customers come from specific geographic locations or territories, you also need to be concerned with the localization of your SEO as well. Localization, in this instance, refers to the ability of people who are in a specific area to find information, websites and products online relevant to their location.


    According to Google, 46 percent of Google searches have local intent. If you want your brick and mortar location to be found, you need to make search localization a priority. If you don’t, competitors will have an edge over you.


    Digital Content Marketing


    Another marketing strategy you should certainly consider implementing is content marketing. Content marketing is advertising that provides value to the consumer apart from informing them of products or services for sale. Think, for example, of all the recipe websites online. Online recipes are an excellent form of content marketing. They can provide value to the consumer in the form of a recipe while also helping to advertise the ingredients needed to make that dish.


    For content marketing to be successful, it needs to be more subtle in regards to blatantly advertising a product. The best content marketing doesn’t even appear to be advertising to the consumer. It also needs to provide definite value. If something is a simple sales pitch, it is not content marketing.




    Today, social media is a huge force in regards to advertising products. However, it isn’t necessarily official company accounts that do the best job at convincing internet users to buy products and services. Instead, “influencers” are much more often better at social media marketing. These are individuals that appear as independent third parties on social media networks with large followings. If you can convince them to advertise your products, you could convert those large followings into paying customers.




    Another form of digital marketing you should become familiar with is remarketing. Remarketing involves advertisements that are generated based on a consumer’s past online behavior. This is typically done through tracking cookies. If a customer visits a website but doesn’t make a purchase, they can be reminded of that website’s products through ads generated elsewhere. While this form of advertising may seem a bit intrusive at first, it’s very successful at converting leads.


    The internet is now the primary way that consumers obtain information and interact with the world. You cannot ignore the digital landscape if you wish for your marketing campaigns to be successful. The five strategies listed above are only a starting point for a successful online campaign.

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