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  • Localization & Internationalization

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    Adapting a product to local and regional market called localization.


    Sometimes it is referred as l10n.

    A characteristics of development and testing related to the translation of the software (product) and its content to the end user.

    • This includes choosing appropriate symbols, graphics and  cultural consideration in a software program(product).

    Goal of localization is : Appropriate linguistic and cultural aspects.

    • It is performed by translators, localizers, language engineers or experts.


    Developing a (software) product in such a way that it will be easy to adapt it in other markets(languages and cultures).


    Some people refer this as globalization.

    A characteristics of development and testing related to handling foreign text and data within a software program

    Goal of internationalization: Reduce the middle layer to rewrite the original program in different variants.

    • It is carried out by  software development with localization.
    • Handling foreign text and data with a program.
    • Correct conversion of desired data according to the respective location like handling of currency and data and time formats.
    • It also comprise the job of detaching(strings) user interface text from the origin code.

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