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  • Project Management Skills, Methodology & Development Process to Follow by Managers

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    Project management is an important task in which project managers are responsible for managing and delivering the project on time, under budget. In simple term, it is the art of getting something done ahead of deadline, up to quality standards, and at or under budget.


    Project Management Methodologies


    The project management methodology completely depends on the project and client's requirement, so project managers will have decide the same while preparing the project plan whether to go for which type of project management.


    There are two type of project


    There are two types of project namely Fixed Price Project and T&M. If the requirement is very clear and no frequent changes can expect from client side, then we'll prepare the plan accordingly and execute the project as per project scope. Project Manager will prepare the project plan wherein feature lists are divided into multiple sprints.


    If the requirement is unclear, then team members will be working on project on T & M basis. In this case, the PM will prepare a project plan at a high level.


    Agile Model Project Management


    In most of the organizations, project managers use Agile methodology for project development and for this they implement the following steps: 

    • Daily Scrum meetings with the team members for reviewing the task.
    • Planning the pipeline task with the client and execute the sprint as per the plan.
    • No new requirement gets added in it, once Sprint is frozen after discussing with a client, new additions or changes you can add in the next Sprint.


    Project Management Process


    Project management process involves various important steps for the successful completion of a project. Below are 9 important steps required for the same:


    1. PM has received any document in terms of wireframes, Mockups, requirement doc from Sales team.
    2. PM should have clarity on Project requirement, Costs and Time line.
    3. When PM well understand with the requirement then internal meeting needs to be happens with the team members
    4. Once the requirement is clear then Kick of meeting schedule with the Client and This will be also an introductory call where in team members will be introduced with the client and PM discuss about the project requirement in high level.
    5. PM will create a project plan wherein the features will be divided in multiple releases.
    6. Each Sprint should now have Design, HTML, Development and Testing for the features planned in the Sprint.
    7. When designs work has done by designer, then PM will review the designs before sharing this to the client and make sure that requirement are covered in designs that were mentioned in the feature list.
    8. Once Client Approved the designs then development phase will be start and PM will be involved in following:-
      • Daily status meeting and review the task daily.
      • Make sure that assigned Task will done in estimated time as per the plan.
      • Manage Resource.
      • If the requirement is not cleared during the Sprint, then discussed with the client and explain the same to team members.
      • Make sure the quality and bug free release sent to the client.
      • After Release check for the client feedback on the delivered release.
    9. For every project, QA should be involved in the beginning of the project and the PM needs to see the all issues identified/reported by QA and QA person discuss the priorities/severity of issues with the PM and fix them accordingly as per the priority/Severity.

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