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  • Recycling for pros: tips for reusing social media content

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    If you've been crafting your social media marketing strategy for a while, you probably realize how challenging it is to create fresh and engaging social media content on a regular basis. Keeping your social channels interesting takes lots of time and resources while you're struggling to find the time for other marketing areas.


    This might easily lead you down the path of reduced content quality in favor of its quantity. And it's a huge mistake.


    Instead, focus on optimizing your published content by re-purposing it into different forms. Spreading it out on various platforms, you'll boost your chances for converting users and significantly expand your reach.


    Here are 6 essential strategies for recycling your social media content into new formats to improve the online presence of your brand and engage new audiences.



    1. Create a SlideShare Presentation


    Repurpose your social media content into a captivating SlideShare presentation. The platform is still relatively unknown to marketers, so it offers you a chance to grab the attention of numerous engaged users who visit it.


    Compile the text, images, and statistics you posted on your social channels to create a PowerPoint file or PDF. You can then upload it to SlideShare, or use the built-in presentation creator to make fantastic collages of things your audiences loved most on your social media. All you have to do next is embed such presentations on your blog, reaching even more users with your content.


    2. Turn Your Images into Pins


    Since you probably have a collection of pictures you've used on your social channels, put them to work by pinning them on your primary Pinterest board. Make sure to include an enticing caption that captures the point of your content too.


    Include a link to this content, be it a blog post or news article. Share it together with top takeaways on other platforms Google+ and Facebook – this time you're sharing the image as a pin. Cross-promote it all over your social media channels for maximum reach.


    3. Reuse Smart Quotes


    You've probably shared a lot of interesting quotes and figures on your social channels. Why not pair them up with stunning visuals and post them to your Instagram account, later sharing it on other channels like Facebook or Twitter?


    Feature a link to your post blog to remind your followers that you've got more to say on the topic. Never share the same content on all your accounts at the same time – it's likely that people follow you on multiple platforms, and seeing the same content pop up will make you seem a lazy brand in their eyes.


    4. Go for Video Marketing


    Creating a video these days is easier than ever. And you can count on people being interested in this format. People consume videos like never before, and in new formats as well – think of all the silent, bite-sized videos that get so much exposure on social media. Communicate key insights from your social media posts in this way and you're bound to grab the attention of your followers.


    Sure, not all content can be turned into video. But if you've been promoting how-to blog posts, or have some interesting interviews with industry leaders, it's definitely worth a try.


    5. Develop your Best Takeaways into Templates and Checklists


    Users love to-do lists and checklists. If you've been publishing a lot of how-to posts, this format is a great pick for you. You can recycle your existing content by putting it into the format of a checklist or template your readers can download and print out. This could become the beginning of a series of branded checklists full of helpful advice delivered in a novel format.


    6. Tweet Individual Tips from Your Post


    And when you do it, make sure it's not all at once, but over time. Sure, you'll be giving away some of your content for free, but that's what it takes to entice users into clicking on your link and checking out your post.


    Your tweets should be maximum 120 characters long. This is how you help users to easily retweet them. Re-share your tweets to ensure that people across all time zones get them right on time.


    Recycling your quality social media content into different formats is a smart move. You can make the most out of your content this way, without having to invest your resources in creating new content from scratch.


    Your old content served in new formats will help you to expand your reach and engage new audiences with your brand.

    About the Author

    Marleen Anderson is a blogger with background in IT and education. Currently, Marleen is supporting StudySelect - education professionals from Australia.

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