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  • SEO Strategies for Higher Search Ranking in 2020

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    Do you have any idea of how many websites are created every day?


    Approximately 380 new ones are created every minute and 5,47,200 every day! As online competition is growing you will have to revise your SEO strategies and to dominate in the SERP you should define an SEO strategy, which in turn will help you earn more revenue in 2020.  In this blog let’s deep dive into SEO strategies you need to follow in 2020.


    1. Featured Snippets


    Featured snippets appears above the first result in web page

    Featured snippets appear above the first result just below the ads in a box. Its commonly referred to as Position 0.


    You need to frequently answer commonly asked questions on your website to take advantage of this feature. This may drive more clicks to your website and top in search results if the quality of answers is good. Almost half of the clicks from the search engine are from featured snippets. It’s a great opportunity if you write quality content since it generates organic traffic even if your website is not ranked on the first page.


    1. Usage of the right keyword


    Using right keywords help search engine to find you easily


    Using the right keywords in your website content help search engine to easily find your site for the user. While choosing a keyword, choose the one which the customer is searching for you need to mainly focus on keywords with low competition and high search volume. You need to consider using keywords that can be optimized for voice search since most of the users prefer using voice assistants than typing. Keywords for voice search may vary since the way people write and talk differs, and it should be as question format long-tail keywords.


    1. Optimize website for voice search


    Optimize website for voice search


    Voice searches are becoming more popular with the growing use of smartphones. If you learn how to optimize your website for voice search, then it will be easy to generate more organic traffic. You might be wondering how voice search is linked to SEO? The fact is voice search affects SEO in a big way and since voice search contains more words it’s better to target long-tail keyword. Remember the way of talking differs from typing a word so keywords must be generated in such a way that search engines can easily find the information from your website.


    1. Secure your website with SSL Certificate


    Secure your website with SSL Certificate


    Getting an SSL certificate has become an unavoidable step for all kinds of business websites. Users prefer the sites which are secured as they are much worried about cyber-security. If the users see not secure warning, then they will not proceed to your page. This could result in a high bounce rate and this could affect page position in the organic search list. It’s important to assure the user that their data will be protected and its responsibility to protect their privacy. Also, Google prefers HTTPs sites to provide users with secure browsing experience and those who have implemented HTTPs may have a minor SEO boost.


    1. Perform SEO Audit Regularly


    Perform SEO Audit Regularly to improve your site's performance


    By performing a site audit, you can easily identify where and how to improve your SEO strategy. You can find whether your website is mobile-friendly, reasons that cause your site to load slowly and find whether the links are functioning correctly. You can also analyze your keyword performance in SERPs.


    Performing a site audit shows which area you are doing well and which you need to improve. Consider this as a report card for your SEO strategy and improve your site’s performance.


    1. Usage of Schema Markups

    Usage of Schema Markups to optimize your website for search engines


    Schema markup is one of the powerful ways to optimize your website for search engines. It is a code installed on your website which allows google to deliver the relevant information to users. It will be helpful for users if they can see the essential information on the SERP without having to click many web pages to find the information they are looking for.


    Final Thoughts

    SEO strategies will keep on changing periodically, you need to update yourself along with new techniques and tools. A good SEO is much more than just a keyword and it’s very much important for all kind of business websites irrespective of the industry. It’s good if you are aware of these techniques but if you are still struggling to generate traffic to your website then it’s time to get help with the expert SEO service.

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