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  • Social Media Marketing: How YouTube Comments Can Boost Your Traffic

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    YouTube is a popular social media platform where you can search and watch videos of all sorts of people from all over the world. You can also upload your own creations on the platform so that others can see them as well. Uploads on YouTube come from media corporations, startups record labels, gamers, artists, and so many others. 



    This popular site has been around since 2005 and has currently 60 hours of video being uploaded on the website every minute. 


    It is currently the second largest search engine, just behind Google. To clarify, YouTube is a Google product, therefore, uploading and marketing your YouTube videos can boost your rankings on both search engines. Also, views and comments on YouTube are vital to your video’s ranking. Some have chosen to employ a service like this one to help them garner more YouTube comments for their content. 


    You might be thinking if you should really invest in a YouTube channel. Will it be good for your brand or your company?  Know that uploading your content on YouTube gives you the opportunity to be on a platform that has over 800 million unique visitors every month. The possibilities to market your product there is endless. 


    How To Encourage Others To Comment On Your Videos


    Since YouTube is Google-owned, its search feature is meant to answer an inquiry. Therefore, when uploading a video, you should always ask yourself, “What particular inquiry is my content answering?”  This will help encourage conversation from users in the form of comments. 


    A  common mistake that many commit today is putting too much emphasis on production value that their content value suffers. This is not a good practice because when your video does not answer the specific questions of an audience, they might click on that dislike button, which will harm your ranking. Both likes and comments are important when uploading videos as these help you rank both on YouTube and Google.


    It is also best to have videos that are at least 10 minutes long. Since YouTube promotes videos that will keep more people on their website, longer videos rank as well. When you rank well and people see your content on the first page, this will lead to user engagement.


    When uploading, the first 24 hours are crucial to how you will rank. During these hours, it is best to get as much traffic as you can on your videos by marketing it on different social media platforms and engaging people in the comment section. 


    Benefits Of YouTube Comments To Your Traffic


    As previously discussed, YouTube comments help you rank in two of the biggest search engines across the globe. The more comments you have, the better you rank. This means that when people search for answers that your content has, then, it is more likely that you will show on top of the search results of both Google and YouTube. 


    The cool thing about YouTube comments is that one comment from you equals the total number of comments on your video. In short, if you have 40 comments from different users and you answered all 40, then, this is equivalent to 80 comments on your content. Search engines will take engagement into consideration when ranking your content, and comments are a strong indicator of this. Therefore, videos that have a lot of comments rank very well.


    Another benefit of YouTube comments to your traffic is that they help build a community. When you have a steady following of users who engage on your outputs on a regular basis and who feel seen and recognized by you, then, this drives more traffic to your channel. Also, replying to the comments of others helps foster long-term relationships with them. 


    Many seek outside help in order to boost user engagement on their posts. There are many websites out there where you can buy YouTube comments for your videos.


    Here are some of the benefits you may gain by buying YouTube comments:


    • Increased traffic on your videos
    • Quality comments that are relevant to your videos
    • Encourages others to watch what others are talking about in the comment section
    • Helps spark longer discussions, leading to more comments
    • Comments are spread out in a span of several days so that the engagement never stops




    Take advantage of YouTube’s popularity so you can market your content to a larger audience. Being a Google-owned entity, YouTube prioritizes content that answers a specific inquiry or question. Content value is important when making videos as this helps facilitate user engagement. The more comments your videos have, the higher you rank in search engines.

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