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  • Solution of exception: This row already belongs to another table

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    When you try to read row from one table and add to another table, if you get the exception i.e. ""This row already belongs to another table". For example:

    foreach (DataRow drWrite in dtRead.Rows)
        dtWrite.Rows.Add(drWrite); //Error thrown here.

    There are two solution for above exception:

    1. You need to create a "NewRow" with the values from reading row of reading table first. For example
      DataRow drWrite = dtWrite.NewRow();
      drWrite["Col1"] = dtRead.Rows[0]["Col1"];
      drWrite["Col2"] = dtRead.Rows[0]["Col2"];


    2. You can also use "Add" which takes an array of values. For example





    Hope it helps. Happy Coding!!

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