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    TCCN is a classic testing language for characterizing test scenario and their execution for protocol testing. A TCCN test suite contains numerous experiments(test cases) written in the TTCN programming language and it is utilized for testing receptive systems or behavioral testing.


    For instance, an coffee vending machine that gives you coffee on inserting a money coin but does not react if anything not as much as money coin in inserted into it. To program such machines TCCN3 language is utilized. Keeping in mind the end goal to make coffee machine reacts while inserting a coin we need to write TCCN-3 component that acts as an coffee machine. It allow us to run our test before genuine coffee machine is available as an item. When it is done we will connect the TCCN3 test suite with the outer device.



    The test system emits boosts/stimuli (money coin) and gets reactions (coffee). The stimuli connector obtains stimuli from the test framework and passes them to the framework/system under test. The reaction connector waits for responses of the system under test and passes them to the test framework.


    TCCN3 can be utilized as a part of different fields like:-


    •     Mobile communications (LTE, WIMAX, 3G and so on)
    •     Broadband technologies (ATM,DSL)
    •     Middleware Platforms (Webservices, CORBA and so forth)
    •     Internet Protocol ( SIP, IMS, IPv6)
    •     Smart Cards
    •     Automative (AutoSAR, MOST, CAN)


    In TCCN we can characterize:-


    •     Test Suites
    •     Test Cases
    •     Test Steps
    •     Declare Variables
    •     Declare Timers
    •     Create PDUs etc.


    TCCN can be coordinated with types systems of different languages such as ASN.1, XML , C/C++ . TCCN3 center language exists in text format separated from other organization such as even, graphical and presentation.




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