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  • The Best Business Trends that Promote Employee Engagement

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    As a business it is necessary to make certain that your employees are passionate about what they are doing. Starting and continuing with working can be a challenge, so a real passion for what one is doing is key. Without the passion part, this can affect the company goals and the bottom line.


    In order to keep your team motivated and full of energy while on the job, we have compiled the best business trends that promote employee engagement.


    Be Flexible

    Each employee has a special circumstance so not all rules will fit everyone. With some flexibility you are encouraging the greatness of your employees to shine through. When employees can adjust their schedules and even their location, you will find that they will respond better to getting their jobs done. You will find a more productive and happier employee at the workplace.


    Be Real

    Being authentic and real is also a great way to keep employees motivated. Develop a workplace that is filled with trust. Once an employee sees that they are somewhere where they do not have to hide things, then they too will be more honest.


    Take More Breaks

    It may seem that taking breaks is going against productivity, but many studies have shown that with breaks more productivity is done. Short breaks here and there throughout the day can make a difference in performance. Taking five minutes to stretch and refocus can be a good thing for the mind.


    Applications can be placed on computers to remind everyone to take their breaks. You can also have some things in place in the break room to encourage employees to come away from their desks.


    Feedback Wanted

    Ask your employees how they feel about certain situations. Instead of this being one sided - normally employees give the feedback, now it can be a two-way street. They will feel that their opinion matters.


    Social Gatherings

    Everyone likes a good time after work or during their office lunch in order to be more social. It gives a break to the working all the time attitude. This does not have to be done every week, but make certain to sprinkle this type of break in to your work schedule.


    What Are the Goals?

    Many times employees may get confused about their role within the organization. There are also times when the reason for the confusion is simply exhaustion. Assist your employees in setting goals. Set up a mentor program so that they feel they always have assistance.


    Show employees you want to assist them to get the job done. Find and encourage employees to attend enrichment courses, workshops, and conferences. This can only lead to a higher level or productivity.


    Show Gratitude

    One of the worst feelings is to feel unappreciated. Show your employees that you appreciate what they do for the company. Saying 'Thank You' can be done in so many ways. There is a time and place for everything and showing gratitude must be included in the list.


    This is so simple, but often times overlooked. Management should be showing gratitude regularly. This does not happen often enough in the workplace. This can go a long way to build trust, motivate employees, and to restore relationships that may be strained.


    The secret to the best business trends that promote engagement is that there is no secret per se. Extending how you may want to be treated on a job could be the answer. Also, the answers you may be seeking are within your employees. If they are given the chance they will open up about how they would like to be treated and what they are seeking.


    You may end up being surprised at what you find. It may not require that you spend any money or even just a little of money in order to make the changes necessary for your company productivity to go up.

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