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  • The Most Popular Web Application Development Frameworks Among Developers

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    There is a vast range of frameworks in Web Application Development which makes it a challenging task for the developers to opt for the most suitable one. The reason is the diverse components, tools, community support and also the architecture that can make the development easy or difficult at the same time for the developers.


    To make it easy. Below, you can find the list of top 5 considered web development frameworks among the dedicated web developers.


    1. Ruby on Rails


    This framework is developed by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2005, runs on Linux and cross-platform.


    Why use Ruby on Rails?

    • Developers can create seamless tables and allowed to scanfold te views to boost the application development process.
    • It is easy as well as handy to use HTML, Javascript & CSS for interface.
    • With wide range of plugins, it is easy to create a social media and e-commerce as well.
    • Due to its scalable nature, developer prefer this framework for CMS, content and management.


    2. AngularJS


    This framework is developed by Google with cross-platform.


    Why use Angularjs?

    • Being an open-source front-end web application framework, it also offers wide range of components for complex web application with minimal loading time.
    • Requires a responsive web design.
    • The best choice for the dynamic projects as it creates an expressive & a readable environment for testing.


    3. Ember.js


    The Framework is developed by Ember Core Team with cross-platform.


    Why use Ember.js?

    • The Handlebar Integrated Templates provided by this Framework help Developers to write concise codes.
    • Provide a built-in router
    • There is a latest modules of Javascript & syntax support with Babel. Therefore, organizing code becomes easy for the web developers.


    4. CakePHP


    This Framework is developed by Cake Software Foundation, Inc. with cross-platform.


    Why use CakePHP?

    • With powerful scaffolding system, it provides flexible database layer for the developers
    • There is a set of conventions with built-in tools for the input validation.
    • CRPF protection
    • Some protections and preventions like CRPF, XSS, SQL injection and Tampering.


    5. Phalcon


    This Framework is developed by Andres Gutierrez. Runs on Unix, Mac, Linux & Windows.


    Why use Phalcon?

    • Here you get full stack open-source platform with high speed requests of compilation.
    • Efficient coding and independent framework.




    Usually, business owners prefer a custom Web Application Development Company which has expertise and specialization in a few range of frameworks. By this, the results are more up to the mark.

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