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  • Three Hot Trends of Digital Marketing in 2015

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    A clear lesson from 2014 was digital marketing would set out to surpass traditional means of marketing. So far, it has been proved true, with Christmas waiting across the corner offering a new treasure trove to companies to increase sales of their products by engaging and communicating with customers through digital technology.

    Digital marketing strategies this year have been different from what they were in 2014, bringing new trends to reach out masses and oblige them with most relevant products at best prices.


    Following are top three trends of digital marketing in 2015

    1. Mobile optimization

    2. More advertisements on social media than ever

    3. Focus on content marketing



    Mobile optimization

    More and more people are now using smartphones to make a purchase because of a flurry of shopping apps and increasing trust of consumers on mobile retailing.  Wearable tech market has seen a nice growth in 2015, leading companies to reach out people by offering them content across multiple mobile devices.

    A simpler user interface makes it possible for customers to communicate without any hassles even through smartphones with smaller screens. Companies have even tried to be ahead of their competitors by using mobile analytics software to ensure that their products are being displayed at the best position and target audience is getting a good view of them.

    Mobile social media strategy has also helped many companies understand behaviors of mobile users so as to show them ads of products that best suit their lifestyle and they might actually be looking forward to purchase them. However, being able to reach them first has made the difference for most companies, which signifies the importance of effective marketing platform mobile devices are providing them.


    More advertisements on social media than ever

    Paid advertisements on social media are on the rise as companies firmly believe that one of the most effective ways to promote a brand is to adopt social media marketing. Facebooks ad revenue is expected to grow 42% in fiscal 2015, whereas Instagram is looking good to generate $600 million in ad revenue worldwide. Another important thing to note here is that Facebook in 2015 has so far earned 76% of its ad revenue via mobiles.
    Companies have also banked upon social media events to woo customers to purchase their products online. Its surprising but true that global scale of Facebook events has reached the 450 million users mark.

    Investing in social media is no longer restricted to large businesses. For example, small and medium sized businesses too are getting lured to Twitters new advertising options that include payment processing through specific actions like website clicks, app downloads and email opt-ins.

    For the B2B crowd, LinkedIn has become the top network, though the numbers are still less for B2C marketers. According to a survey by Social Media Examiner, 88% of B2B marketers had used LinkedIn in 2014 compared to 89% for Facebook and 86% for Twitter. Chances are high that LinkedIn by the year end would surpass Facebook for B2B marketing .


    Focus on content marketing

    Content marketing is among top three digital marketing trends this year. Companies now know that they can increase their digital position and user search potential by pushing more value focused content. Efforts are being made to develop appropriate content to educate the target market, not just to share it across digital channels.

    The secret of success for 2015 has so far largely relied on quality of content and paid promotions. IT department and marketers are working in tandem to increase the value of brand visibility. Its also been witnessed that increasing content activities on review sites or other second web properties has proved to be a great help in promoting a company, for which right content is required as it improves listening and awareness.

    Companies are now increasingly investing in mobile content to make it fit for mobiles and ensure that users are able to read it with ease. Success of every digital marketing campaign is now driven by content and context, which is why Google is making efforts to bring content and context on the same page.  

    With this, I am wrapping this blog, hoping it has helped you gain insight into new trends of digital marketing in 2015.

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