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  • Top 5 Reasons Your Start-Ups Should Opt For Website Builders

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    Every start-up needs to have a professionally designed website, because the advantages are multiple; it will boost sales and your brand. Whether you want to sell in a physical store or an online store, having a good website is a good choice, ipage is doing amazing work in empowering businesses to gain significant online presence.


    Look for a professional website builder today, check website builders review sites, make sure you find the best one. Here are top 5 reasons why you need a reliable, easy to use and cost-effective website builder for your projects:


    Easy to use


    A credible website builder will assist you in building an online presence by using simple online tools. You can design your website pages by using a simple browser-based interface and/ or drag-and-drop elements.


    You need the drag- and-drop elements even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. It will guide you properly. Every start-up is encouraged to go through this route. Having a website will promote your business.


    Business Email


    Every business should have an email address; having a business email that goes with your company name will make you appear credible with suppliers, customers and business associates for example


    Usually, website builders don’t provide a business email option, but some of them allow you to create a unique business email. Keep in mind that this will increase the cost of your monthly subscription. Website builders allow you to create one through Google app integration.


    Cost-effective even with regular updates


    Website builders allow you to get free hosting and domains within the first year. Then, depending on your preferred plan, you will be paying a fixed monthly fee which covers your upgrades. The good thing about this setup is that your website will be receiving automatic updates when and where necessary without you putting any effort to code it.


    Makes your domain name as a brand


    Whenever you are building a website, bear in mind that you are setting up a brand that may outlive you. It is advisable to have a well scripted, simple, short, relevant and memorable website address.

    This will give your website an edge over your competitors. When you check out domain extensions, there are high chances of finding a preferred choice.


    Go with a domain name that perfectly defines your business core competencies. The name you choose will have a transformative impact on your marketing activities. Choose a name that your clients/ customers, suppliers and business associates can memorize easily.



    Provides you an opportunity to growth hack with the start-up


    Website builders give you unparalleled opportunities such as PR, event marketing and exclusive support for your business sponsorships; it connects you to other young start-ups around the world, by upping your game and helping you to get noticed by industry influencers, journalists and key investors.


    It is not easy to grow your start-ups; it comes with lots of opportunities and challenges. Before launching your website, it is necessary, you set a clear goal of what you intend to achieve; it could be acquiring 100 clients within the first year, getting recurring clients within the first year, and so on. The challenge lies in reaching your set goals within the given time.


    This is exactly where a growth hacker comes in. A growth hacker is completely focused on growing and reaching those numbers. It goes towards helping you become an industry leader.


    Having a growth hacker mindset will enable you to avoid growth pitfalls, engaging yourself with more of what works and less of what will never work or what you don’t want. A growth hacker is multi-talented, highly creative and curious.


    A growth hacker is equipped with strategic and innovative plans backed with the right technology, team and adequate financing. Thus, the advantage of having a growth hacker in your start-up can never be overemphasized.


    The first thing your start-up needs is having a product or service that really works or solves people’s needs. People should be passionate about what you provide, even if it just 100 people. Make sure you are satisfying their real needs.


    Even if these users are your friends and family, once they are satisfied with what you offer, they will go ahead to recommend it to their circle of friends and associates. Ensure your products or services are addressing people’s needs, before you start spending money on getting growth hackers.


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    Matt Tricot is blogger and writer at Web Hosting Plan Guide and He's fanatic technology lover and passionate for writing articles on web hosting, web hosting review and web hosting plan. etc.

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