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  • Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Aspiring Business Startups

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    It is undeniable that marketing is one of the most important things for any new startup, the greatest problem here lies in the fact that most of these young companies operate on a tight budget. With this in mind, what they need to find are methods that will bring them the greatest results with the smallest amount of resources invested. Speaking of which, here are seven cost-effective ideas that might help out an aspiring startup pave its way to the top.


    1. Email Marketing Campaigns


    While some may claim otherwise email marketing is definitely not dead. The reason why so many people falsely assume this to be so is that they failed to optimize for mobile users in time, which caused the results of their efforts to be lower than expected. You see, according to one of the most recent statistics, about 53 percent of all emails get opened on mobile devices. This is also a reason why adding a video into the email may result in a much better click-through-rate (CTR), seeing how video is a mobile-friendlier format.


    2. Social Media Marketing



    Another great idea for every startup owner out there is to start focusing their attention on social media marketing. Nonetheless, keep in mind that every demographic has their own network of choice, which is definitely something you need to keep an eye out on. For instance, Snapchat is the second favorite social network amongst teens, while it is currently third amongst millennials. On the other hand, Facebook still remains on the top of the industry. Still, when it comes to B2B outreach, you might be better off with LinkedIn (or even telemarketing for that matter).


    3. SEO Implementations


    Even the best product/service out there is completely useless if no one can find what you have to offer. This is where SEO comes in, seeing how it tries to improve your website’s visibility through various means. While most common tactics here are usually link building and content marketing, SEO experts also try to improve technical aspects of your website, like its security, stability and overall responsiveness. Still, this is just the tip of the iceberg and experts behind a prestigious Sydney-based digital agency claim that every company requires an individual approach. In other words, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to the SEO.


    4. Influencer Marketing


    Word of mouth recommendation has always been the most effective marketing tool. The reason behind this is the fact that a person listens about the company in question from someone they know, appreciate or respect and take their word as a guarantee of quality. Unfortunately, in the digital world, it is not so easy to find someone to rely on. This is why, people turn to influencers, seeing how over time they tend to develop a bond of trust. Therefore, finding a local celebrity or a figure of authority within your business niche might be the right thing to do.


    5. Content Marketing Strategy


    In one of the earlier segments we mentioned the term content marketing, however, this topic needs to be discussed and paid closer attention to even outside of the scope of the SEO. You see, everyone online (or in life for that matter) has an agenda. Every one of your viewers is trying to get something out of the content you publish and by offering some value you can easily win them over. This is also why review articles, guides and tutorials are especially effective.


    Additionally, this content needs to be well written or scripted and directed (if it is video content we are talking about). Finally, keep in mind that quantity is a quality on its own and if you fail to publish anything in a long period of time you might simply get forgotten by your audience.


    6. Optimizing for Mobile Users


    In the email section, we mentioned just how important mobile users are for your marketing campaign. Well, keep in mind that at the moment, more people browse internet through their phones than from their desktop setups. One of the ways to get ahead of this is to optimize your website for mobile users, by making your layout easy to scroll and all clickable elements touch-friendly, but there might be a better way to approach this situation. You see, 85 percent of time people spend on their phones they are on apps, which is why it might be worth your while to develop your own application. Sure, this requires an initial investment, but it usually gets you a great ROI.


    7. Behavioral Advertising



    Finally, you need to find a way to prioritize in order to make sure all your resources are directed in adequate channels. What you need is to gain access to the so-called low-hanging fruits or the qualified leads. These are people who are most likely to become your visitors and their identity is determined by pages they previously visited or how much time they spent on each of these pages. The advantage of this approach is the fact that they require the smallest amount of persuasion in order to be converted, seeing how they are showing a positive disposition towards your industry from the very start.


    While some of these aspects of digital marketing may be completely free, while others require a moderate initial investment, they can all be considered frugal. To make the long story short, each of these methods requires less money than most traditional means of advertising, while they bring far superior results.

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