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  • Top 8 Editing Tools Every Marketing Blogger Should Use

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    When you’re writing a blog post, you know you have to get the interest of your audience. You’re doing that by thinking of a great headline, structuring a great post, and presenting unique ideas. Is that all you need to do? No; you have to edit, too. Without editing, you’re making a huge risk. You don’t want to publish a post with grammar errors, spelling mistakes, or gaps and logic.


    The editing stage is challenging, mainly because it’s hard to become aware of your own flaws in writing. However, the right tools can make the process much easier. Check out these 8 editing tools that are useful for all bloggers:


    1. Cliche Finder


    When you’re editing your content, you’re mostly focused on grammar and spelling. What about style? We are all used to phrases that sound like clichés to the audience. It’s hard to recognize those aspects when you’re simply reading your blog posts. This tool will help you recognize those clichés. It’s a really simple and plain tool, but don’t be tricked by its appearance; it’s very useful during the editing stage.


    2. Byword 2


    This is a simple and effective text editor that’s available as an app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It gives you nifty keyboard shortcuts and features that make the entire writing process faster and more effective. You can also use Byword 2 for editing, due to the complete Markdown support.


    3. Hemingway App


    In blogging, there’s one essential rule to follow: say more with less text. The visitors to your blog don’t have time to read a confusing post they don’t understand. Express yourself in straightforward sentences, with no slang and passive language. Hemingway App is the tool that will warn you about wordiness and use of complex words.


    4. Help.PlagTracker


    If you’re having troubles to edit your own content no matter how hard you try, then you need to hire a professional to do that for you. Help.PlagTracker editing enables you to work with professional editors for a really affordable price. You’ll get your posts back in no time, and they will be perfectly ready for publishing.


    5. Headline Analyzer


    Have you noticed that when you’re skipping the headline and subheadings when you’re editing your own content? That’s a common phenomenon that happens during proofreading. The Headline Analyzer will help you edit these parts of the text. You might be skipping them because you want to focus on the content itself, but these are the aspects your audience pays most attention to. All you need to do is insert your headline, and you’ll get a detailed analysis that tells you how attractive it is. You can use the same tool to come up with the perfect subheadings, too.


    6. PicMonkey


    You should not be focused solely on text during the editing stage. The images you use are also very important, so you need to edit them to perfection. This tool helps you improve the quality and style of your photos. It’s also great for making collages. PicMonkey lets you get creative and develop a recognizable visual vibe for your blog. Who said you needed Photoshop skills for that? If you’re serious about blogging, you should definitely get the Premium plan that gives you access to the finest filters, overlays, frames, and fonts.


    7. SynchroEdit


    Sometimes you’re not able to bring your own posts to perfection. In that case, some help from a fellow blogger or a grammar nazi friend can be useful. Instead of sending the document back and forth via email, you can use a tool for collaborative editing. You can work on the document together, in real time. Collaborative editing can be very exciting when you find the right partner. Your fellow editor will inspire you to make the right changes and think about your style when you develop future posts.


    8. ProWritingAid


    ProWritingAid has an ambitious goal: to improve your writing. It’s a thorough grammar checker that you can integrate with MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Scrivener. It makes you aware of the passive language, overuse of glue words and adverbs, repetitiveness, overused words, vague words, and clichés. When you think about it, removing all these flaws from your content does turn you into a better writer. You create more readable content that gets and holds the attention of a reader.


    Proper editing is one of the essential aspects for successful blogging. You already wrote the post, so you need just a bit more time and effort to make it perfect. With the right tools, you’ll achieve the best effects with minimum effort. Check out the 9 tools suggested above and tell us what you think.

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