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  • Top Tips To Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Efforts This Year

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    Digital Marketing is constantly changing as innovation creates new opportunities for marketers every single day.


    Along with it, your efforts and strategies must change and grow with technology in order to keep ahead of your competitors. To improve your marketing skills, you can try online courses


    Meanwhile, here are top tips on how you can strengthen and improve your digital marketing efforts this 2019.


    Utilize Chatbots

    Communication with your clients has become a crucial tool in order to improve and promote your activities. Now, chatbots represent a new useful extension that is used in chatting between consumers and brands, allowing your clients to engage with you in terms of customer service and content consumption.


    Clients can now receive and read information, ask questions and buy services and products from one chatbot instead of using social media as a portal.



    Optimize Your Website For Mobile

    For tor the past few years, this has been said countless time. Mobile-friendly websites are crucial since more and more people are now using their smartphones to make searches instead of using their computers and laptops.


    The number of mobile users is expected to hit 2.87 billion in the year 2020, so it only means that mobile searches will just continue to increase.


    In addition, mobile friendliness is another ranking factor that Google and other search engines use, so it is pretty important for SEO, too.


    Try Video Marketing

    With the rising popularity of Instagram stories and Facebook live, video marketing is quickly becoming a new trend for a strong digital marketing strategy. Video marketing is particularly important for small businesses and startups since it allows potential customers to know you better.


    You can now hold live events and webinars for product launches, answer questions and hold tutorials in real time.


    This will help your clients to connect more closely with your products and brands. When a client watches a video on your site, Google will also interpret that as you offering relevant information, giving you a higher ranking in SERPs.


    Maximize UX

    With everyone trying to compete at a global level today, consumers have quite a lot of options. Because of this, there is only limited room to compromise when a consumer can switch to a competitor.


    In simpler terms, if your site is taking too much time just to load, then you can just say goodbye to your users.



    UX or user experience is a priority for search engines, so you really need to make it your priority, too. As a matter of fact, just a second delay in page loading can reduce your client satisfaction. A website also needs to be pretty straightforward and easy to use in order to increase customer satisfaction.


    Diversify Your Marketing Strategies

    A multi-channel marketing strategy can help deliver good results. However, when you focus on diverse channels, you will certainly get even better results.


    Utilizing only free search engine optimization tools or focusing on multiple social media channels may not deliver results you need since some channels are not a suitable contact point to use for specific sets of targeted customers.


    With the broad variety of information channels available today, consumers have greater freedom to choose their buying options. At least 80 percent of consumers will usually do some research on their own via available online channels. So, if you successfully generate target customer engagement or contact through those online channels that your audience use, your business will have better chances of getting the results you want.

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