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  • Unity 5.1 UI: DropDown Menu

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    Unity 5.1 UI : DropDown Menu

    We have to go through the following steps to create a DropDown menu in Unity 5.1 UI -
    • In the Hierarchy Window go through UI -> Canvas

    • Create a Panel1 as a child of this canvas

    • Create a Button1 as a child of this Panel1

    • Select this button1 and pass the panel2 (see next line) to the GameObject of the OnClick Function of button and select function as GameObject -> SetActive (True)

    • Again create a Panel2 as a child of this Button1

    • Select this panel2 and go to Inspector Window and follow :

      • Add Component -> Layout -> Content Size Filter

      • In Content Size Filter set, Horizontal Fit as Unconstrained and Vertical Fit as Min Size

      • Add Component -> Layout -> Vertical Layout Group

      • Add Component -> Event -> Event Trigger

      • In Event Trigger click on Add New Event Type and select Pointer Exit function

      • Then click on '+' button and pass Panel as GameObject and select function as GameObject -> SetActive (False)

      ![alt text][1]

    • Create Button2, Button3 and Button4 as a child of panel2 and all the properties of these buttons and OnClick functions as you desired.

    • Now disable this pannel2 and Click on Play button. The Scene will look like -

    • ![alt text][2]

      Thankyou !

      Happy Coding ! [1]: [2]:

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