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  • Universal Google Algorithm Updates On SEO Trends And Tracks To Know

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    It is true to state that SEO is good for your site and it is the hardcore truth. The main catch in here is that not all SEO is good and some might degrade the quality of your SEO site to yet another level, which you never would have wanted. There are some of the chosen optimization methods available, which will take some time to just produce results but can prove to be quite effective within the long run. There are some other works, which can drive the service lot faster that might end up leaving site in worse situation that when you first started to work on it.


    There are some less knowledgeable webmasters available in this regard which will use this as one major argument that SEO is rather ineffective in nature but it actually turns out to be quite the opposite. Search engines know to differentiate between the good and bad sites as part of Dental SEO technique. Google, most importantly, is one expert that you might grab hands on in measuring the said worth.


    The search is on even to this date:

    The search ranking algorithm of Google has undergone through countless changes right from its debut. Right in the past, nobody was able to predict that the possible methods to push some of the low quality sites to top at the search results. But, then Google came into view with its own working regime and updates based on the SEO algorithms, and changed the play well. Right now, there are fewer ways around the principle of quality first of Google, when compared to the ones in the past. You might have heard of the term silent judges who actually made it possible. Those are Penguin, panda and Pigeon.



    If you ever notice one sudden drop in traffic and rankings while trying to look at the statistics of your site, then you are bitten away or just clawed by any of the beasts or rather algorithm, to be precise, as mentioned before. Now the question is which one. It solely depends on what you have been playing along in your site. Way too much of something or not enough of any point in Google algorithm will cover up the ground quit a lot. So, make sure to check out the Google’s algorithms first before making a choice.


    Google and its Panda version:

    This update from Google is the one which is going to strike you the most. Google Panda is here to just evaluate the websites, depending on the content and its quality. Some of the pages with higher quality content will get rewarded with some of the higher ranking positions, and the same goes the other way around. It all boils down to one thing and that is how good your on-page optimization actually is.

    • Thin content is one which will trigger Panda. It does not always mean that the content comes handy with few words. Want to learn one demonstration? If so, then type the word Christmas and come to see the first link that pops up on your screen.
    • The site over here is likely to check the date and then will judge by saying Yes or No in the local language. You don’t have to be Iaconic like Spartan.
    • However, whenever you are trying to create content, remember to provide explicit answers to the search query of users.


    Understanding Panda and low quality content:

    Another thing which might trigger the panda Algorithm to act otherwise is by working on low quality content other than thin content. It is mainly talking about the content, which even hurts you to just look at it, forget reading through the points now.

    • Some of the poorly formatted text or content with huge grammar errors, huge or even distracting images are some of the points that you should avoid.
    • On the other hand, designs which will affect the user experience negatively is yet another thing that you might want to put aside.
    • Remember the visit to your site needs to be enjoyable and nothing less than that. So, make sure to get along with the higher quality content for quality approach in here.


    Untrustworthy and unhelpful content is what you should be avoiding:

    This form of untrustworthy and unhelpful content does not help the users who might found it or causes that might outright harm. Google is not going to have any tolerance for con artistry and incompetence. It is mandatory for you to strive in to be a positive force.


    Work your way out on the duplicate txt or rather duplicate content:

    You might also need to work your way out to avoid duplicate content as plagiarism is an absolute no-no in this regard. Mostly referred as duplicate content, but Panda surely frowns out quite a bit on the copied texts and chunks. Images can prove to be one fair game in this regard.

    • Videos will prove to be yet another fair game to consider, except that on YouTube.  It is always the text where you need to be actually careful.
    • It is always OK for you to reuse some of the smaller bits of texts as proper quotes, only if you are able to mark the quotes properly in context.
    • Reusing the existing text and passing it down as original one is always the last thing you could have asked for.
    • You can work on enough pages for that, which might eventually hamper the site’s quality. At this point you can rely on Panda to take some actions.


    Avoid going for spinning of article:

    This will mainly refer to attempts, which will be used for avoiding images with some duplicate content by rewriting from one text in order to create new one for another site. Unfortunate enough, those people who actually try it but get into some big trouble. The good content also need to be original as spinning will lower the quality of content too.  Make sure to get the points straight.

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