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  • Use of Linear Interpolation in Unity

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    Linear interpolation simply means finding a value in between two given values, 'Lerp' is the function used for this. It will linearly interpolates
    between the two given values.

    Lerp can be used for following different types:-

    1. Vector3 Lerp:- This will interpolate between the two given vectors.
                       Vector3.Lerp(Vector3 X,Vector3 Y,float Q)
                       Here it will interpolate between X and Y by interpolant Q.
                       It is mostly used in cases where you have to move an object between two given points.


    2. Mathf Lerp(float):- Here it will linearly interpolates between two values


    Value=Mathf.Lerp(P, Q , 0.5);
    // value==25


    3. Color Lerp:- It will interpolate between two colors by some value
                     Color Lerp(Color D, Color E, float F)
                      Interpolates between D and E by F


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