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  • What Are The Distinguish Between Test Plan & Test Strategy:-

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    Hello readers.

    By this blog i am just explaining the difference between test plan and test strategy. I hope this blog will be helpful for all test engineers --

    Test Plan:-

    • A test plan for any application or software is described as a documents which determines the scope of the project, objective of the project and testing approaches and efforts for the projects.
    • There are few components in the test plan as- Test plan id, test approaches, test pass-fail criteria components to be tested, testing techniques, test schedule and testing responsibilities etc.
    • Test plan describes related the specifications.
    • We can change the test plan.
    • Normally test plan is determined at the project level.

    Test Strategy:-

    • A test strategy is a collection of instructions that clarifies test designs and demonstrates that how testing needs to be done.
    • There are few components in the test strategy as- Testing scope and objective, testing process, formats for documentations, structure for the team reporting etc.
    • Test strategy describes related the general approaches or procedures.
    • We can not change the test strategy.
    • Normally test strategy is established at the company level and these are utilized by many projects.

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