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  • What Does it Take to Successfully Promote a Site?

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    So, what's next after setting up your website? Well, now you need to generate content that's going to attract traffic to your site. However, there's no point of having a site and flooding it with content if no one's going to see it. That's why promoting the site will be extremely important. Here are some of the tactics that will help you promote your site;



    1. Focus on SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that can be smartly used to boost your site's ranking on the various search engines such as Google and Bing. Here are some of the factors that you should consider while optimising your site and content for search engines:


    *The Site's overall web design could affect it's ranking on Google. How a site is designed will affect its functionality and also determine how long your site's users will stay on your site. Google uses such factors as a determinant of whether or not your site is a useful resource so it can direct its users to it. A site that's easy to navigate with a relatively short loading time will end up ranking higher than a site that doesn't exhibit such characteristics.


    *Which keywords are your target audience keying in? You will need to conduct keyword research so you can find this out. Having an idea of the words and phrases that your users key in on Google will help you generate content that covers such topics and help boost your ranking.


    *Optimize your site for Mobile. Your site should be easy to use for mobile users. Slow loading time and poor functionality to mobile users could mean that you could end up losing potential traffic to your site.


    *Conduct Competitor Analysis. Finding out who your competitors are, what they're doing right and what they're failing at in matters SEO will give you a strategic advantage as you promote your site.


    *Generate content that's optimized for SEO. Factors such as the contents length, structure and visuals have been found to influence how the site ranks on Google. Long articles with short paragraphs, numbered lists, headings and images have been found to rank higher.


    *Link building. Backlinking the site to other authoritative sites shows that you know what you're talking about hence promoting its credibility as well ranking.

    2. Engage with your audience

    Responding to questions and interacting with your audience will have a great positive impact to your site. Not only will this be a chance to show your audience that you care, but sites with a high interaction rate have also been found to rank higher on search engines. Aside from the comment section, you can also include a call to action by giving your audience an opportunity to either join your email list or share your content on various social platforms. A site such as MemberFix can help you handle the tech tasks that are involved in creating a membership site such as designing an email marketing tool for your site



    3. Promote your content on Social Media

    Not only is social media an incredibly powerful tool that can help you widen your reach, it's also free. You can stay better connected with your audience through social media. The other good thing about is that your audience can also do the promotion for you. People will be most likely inclined to share content that's of high quality and which interests them through a call to action to share which should be present on your site.



    4. Track the Performance

    Monitoring whether the various promotion techniques are giving you the desired results is important. This will enable you to figure out where the strong and weak points are so you can make any necessary changes. You can do this by using any of the available performance monitoring programs such as Adwords, rank checkers and conversion trackers.


    launching and running a successful site shouldn't feel like a uphill task. It's all about knowing what works, incorporating them and tracking the progress. The above tactics will hopefully help you successfully promote your site.

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