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  • What is Content Marketing and Its Business Benefits?

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    The content marketing spilled much ink and businesses use more and more.


    What is Content Marketing?


    The content marketing is an information content production strategy , it aims to promote the history, identity and values of the company and its brand. It can deliver informative content, relevant and interesting to a targeted audience using various forms and vectors: blog, a  website , ebook, whitepaper , newsletter, social networks. The content marketing also known as content distribution but content editorial strategy is also considered as an important marketing strategy . Businesses use this communication strategy to win new customers. Content marketing is also one of the pillars of Inbound Marketing.


    So, if you are looking to enhance your business reputation then, you should use the best content marketing strategies followed by marketers. But, you must be more aware that, you always go with the trend because your efforts pay back only if you work with best trendy strategies. Below are some content marketing trends that are expected in 2017.



    It differs from traditional advertising to share the tools used, such as  storytelling and  social networks . The content marketing focuses on communication with customers and prospects. As traditional advertising, it is possible to measure the ROI of a content strategy (ROI) . To measure the return on investment, you need to define performance indicators (KPI) and analyze these KPIs can be:


    • The conversion rates of the relevant pages,
    • The purchase course of its customers,
    • The amount of the average basket ...


    For a business, marketing happy is to generate a business opportunity.

    Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach the creation and distribution of content useful, relevant and coherent, to attract and retain the target audience. Translation Content Marketing Institute .

    The objectives of content marketing


    The objectives of content marketing is to attract and retain its audience by providing an interesting message, the message doir be relevant and of high added value. Your audience delights in you follow and loyalty for your content interests them and / or arouses curiosity. The goal is to create and define content for different uses such as SEO, mailing, social networks,etc.


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    You can write text content, insert videos, visuals, which will develop the emotional connections and hence the reputation of your business. The emotional connections must come from emotions and sincere and real experiences. In case, you miss natural and spontaneous and your audience may feel deceived and manipulated.



    The benefits of content marketing


    Make content marketing over time allows the company to be legitimate and credible , while improving the SEO of their website. This method makes it possible to acquire new prospects and remind old prospects that you are still there.


    In addition, you continue to accompany them in their period of reflection and decision maturation.This is also called the Nurturing Marketing ; You maintain and strengthen a marketing relationship with your prospects "lukewarm" or "cold". It also uses the term Lead nurturing , to designate the development of a relationship with prospects, to offer them an offer adapted to their environment and their level of interest in your produce and your services.


    To conclude,


    The happy Marketing is one of the strongest trends in web marketing , like SEO, the community management  or the AdWords campaigns .


    As for the benefits to your business? Lead generation, traffic, improved SEO, recovery prospects and customers "cold" recognition of expertise (more legitimacy and credibility) , increase web traffic, improved SEO, additional virality of social networks.

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