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  • Why Developers Should Use WordPress CMS for Web Development?

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    A common dilemma is making the mistake of categorizing WordPress as just a blogging platform, where newbies to the blogging world usually question Why the need for WordPress? Why not the old website which I currently make use of. What’s the urgency to switch to WordPress? The initial concept of WordPress was based on being a blogging Website in the past, but things have gotten further away from it.


    Over the years WordPress from being a Blogging platform evolved to an elegant Content Management System CMS where not only can you blog but create fully operational websites and mobile apps. A recent survey showed that WordPress powers 22.5% of all the websites on the Internet while considering the massive size of it. Its easy to use and catering to all your needs making it very adaptable, which is why it’s gained popularity among the users.
    Features, being one of its essential elements attracted multinational Brands such as New York Times, CNN, eBay, Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Disney, LinkedIn and even Sony to implement it in their Content Management Systems.

    If you want to know more then, this is the article for you. We have compiled few reasons which will clear your thoughts and perceptions about why WordPress?
    Let’s get further into it.


    WordPress is Free as in Freedom

    Many don’t know WordPress is a free software, which means you can install, download and modify anything you want depending on your requirements. Moreover, its an open source, indicating you have the authority to change and alter anything you want in it as the software is readily available for anyone to study or play with.


    Being an Open Source platform, WordPress is a community-based software. It is maintained by a large group of people who have a mutually invested interest in growing and preserving WordPress. Anyone can contribute their services by writing patches, writing plugins, answering support questions and many more. The moment you start using it, you will become part of the evolving community.

    WordPress is Extendable by Using Themes and Plugins

    People assume the majority of people who use WordPress are either web designers or programmers, which in reality is not the case. Many users start off with WordPress with little or no knowledge prior to the CMS. Reason for its popularity is based on its free themes you can choose to make your website stand out. Whether you want a magazine theme, ecommerce or a photography theme, there are perfect theme available for all kinds of websites.


    Apart from that, the themes are easy to customize providing a panel where you can alter logos, background, change colors and many amazing things to your website. Just as the themes work, thousands of free plugins are available to include in your website which add a niche to your website.

    WordPress Can Handle Different Media Types

    People misunderstand the concept of WordPress. It is not confined towards writing text; it is much more than that. WordPress packs built-in support to cater audio, video content and images with multiple tools for you to edit. Also, documents can also be managed swiftly on WordPress. It also supports Embed, which allows you to Embed Youtube videos, Instagram images, and videos, SoundCloud audio and Twitter tweets by just copy-pasting the URL in your post.

    It Is Easy to Install and Uninstall WordPress

    With such a great platform why would anyone want to uninstall WordPress? By the end of the day, it is a software which could create technical issues or possible a hacking dilemma. In your journey, you can easily uninstall and install it back in a matter of clicks. But before you do its essential, you create a backup of the content on Dropbox or Google Drive.

    • From WordPress admin panel move to ‘tools’ and click on ‘Export.’ Select all and then ‘Download Export File’ option.
    • Connect to WordPress by FTP client or File Manager in cPanel. After connection, look into the list and select ‘WP Content’ Select this file and download the WP-Content on a folder on your computer.
    • After this, the uninstallation begins.
    • Look for your WordPress directory where WordPress files are located. In case there is no directory found then click on the public_html file. Select all files, and press ‘Delete.’
    • Now if you want to install WordPress back.
    • Go to and install the latest version of WordPress
    • After setup is installed, unzip the downloaded file. Open the WordPress folder. Use the FTP Client to upload the files on the website in the folder.
    • Next, you will be asked to provide website details (fill entire boxes and you're good to go)


    Its Easy to Delete WordPress and Create a New One

    If you are not satisfied with the current face of your website, you can easily delete WordPress, change and alter a new one by simply importing all the content from old website to the new one by following simple steps.

    Final Word

    We hope by now you understand the real concept of the CMS WordPress. WordPress is more than you think it is. Its way beyond our thought process and will always cease to amaze you with its numerous tools and facilities. Which is why you should leave your current website and switch towards WordPress for a faster and smoother experience.

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