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  • Why WordPress Web Development Is Perfect for Small Businesses - Top Reasons

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    A high percentage of small businesses doesn’t own a website since they still depend on traditional forms of marketing. The great majority of small businesses shut down within only five years by ignoring current marketing trends and remaining completely invisible to millions of potential clients online. Times, when spending tons of money on a website or hiring a developer for any minor changes, have passed. WordPress offers a great possibility for entrepreneurs to create and manage website easily with no previous understanding of web development at practically no costs.


    It is free


    Downloading and installing is completely free, with additional free templates and themes that are easy to apply. Having a small business is all about reducing costs, so that is where WordPress steps in as a great solution for saving time and money, both. For any additional customization of the website, it is possible to go through countless tutorials or to hire a web developer who will do it no time at a very reasonable price.


    It is easy to set up


    No skills required and no headache since set up happens in a single click. If you opt for some of the managed WordPress hosting plans, hosting companies will do the work for you. Before you know it, your website will be all set up, configured and optimized. Even if you are a newbie, WordPress dashboard is simple, instructive and easy to use.


    It is user-friendly


    A web developer or not, anyone can use WordPress with ease and benefit from it. It is one of the main reasons why 25 percent of websites are using WordPress. Users find it easy to interact with it and to manage around its many features. WordPress is a platform that allows its users to create different types of websites and posts and to manage videos and images with ease.


    Variety of themes


    There are thousands of pre-designed themes that can suit any business website. It is easy to create a beautiful and interactive website with various themes that meet the expectations of perfect design. Aside from plenty of free themes available, there are thousands of premium themes that come along with some added features and assistance from the developer.


    It is SEO optimized


    The great advantage of having a website developed on WordPress is that search engines recognize the structure that was already SEO optimized. Business companies use WP platform, especially companies that are in online marketing industry. For instance, if you follow the link to one of the leading SEO company in Australia and other part of the world, you’ll find they are using WordPress for the same reason.


    It is open source development platform


    The source code is completely free and available for anyone to use it, extend it and reuse it. To add functionality to your site, you can extend it yourself or reach for the help of a developer. Being open sourced, it allows many changes and improvements, while it is a great advantage for small businesses regarding the costs.


    It has huge support community


    Since open sourced, WP has a large community of users and dedicated developers, who form a great support system. WordPress is the best option for small businesses and beginners who can look into different tutorials as well as seek for advice on forums or blogs. Due to the millions of users constantly working on WP anyone can find an answer to any troubling issue that may occur.


    It has variety of plugins


    Wordpress offers thousands of plugins for every feature that can expand the functionality of your website. Plugins are easy to install and use, so it is easy to add new features to the website without knowing a single thing about coding. Aside from tons of free plugins, there are commercial plugins that come with tech support.


    It has responsive design


    It is of great importance that any website is mobile responsive and that it looks good and functional on different devices. Most of the WordPress themes designs are fully responsive, whether used for website, applications or email templates.


    It is safe


    WordPress makes consistent efforts regarding security by releasing regular updates and creating security patches. In addition to that, WP community has widely contributed to platform security, but there is a number of ways to improve website safety with a wide choice of security plugins.




    Creating a website is necessary for any business since it creates a digital presentation available to millions of users. WordPress provides needed online presence with costs and efforts that are insignificant compared to benefits for small businesses. It’s an easy solution that leaves room for actual business instead of wasting time on side things. Doing business in the age of internet means being present in the best possible way, so make sure to choose the best theme and glow in this world wide web that never sleeps.

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